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The third in ToRo’s splendid military caricature series features an ‘archetypal’ Scottish officer as part of the British Eight Army ‘Desert Rats’ during World War Two.

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A member of the Representative Honor Guard Regiment of the Polish Armed Forces is among the latest additions to ICM’s 1/16 ‘World’s Guards’ series of figure models.

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Having been released in several iterations by the riginal producer, Italian firm Esci, this pack of World War Two-era partisan figures has now entered Italeri’s range.

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Master Box’s German Military Men set is a rather unusual mix, comprising two members of the Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie (Military Police), one of whom is in dispatch-rider attire, a member of the Signal Corps preparing a cable reel and what appears to be an NCO and a map-reading officer.

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Fabulous Feline

The arrival of Revell’s 1/24 new-tool E-type Jaguar fixed-head coupé coincides roughly with the 50th anniversary of the real car’s launch, although the parts are most appropriate for a 1962-produced vehicle.

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Begemot’s collection of Curtiss P-40s operated by Soviet forces is one of the most comprehensive works on a single type, containing decals for no fewer than 41 individual aircraft.

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This second collection of German vehicles assigned to units in the Balkans focuses on the notorious 7. SS-Freiwilligen (volunteer) Gebirgs (mountain infantry) Division Prinz-Eugen, with a mix of old, captured and obsolete equipment.

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Intended for use with any iteration of NuNu’s 1/24 BMW M6 GT3 racer (built in AMW100 – March 2019), these Decalcas markings cover the Turner Motorsport team’s striking 2019 24 Hours of Daytona entry.

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Foxbot’s Warriors of Light release caters for 11 Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot aircraft.

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Modellers with 1/72 F-100D kits in their stash will appreciate this splendid selection of gaudy US Air Force schemes from homeland and West Germany-deployed units, from a time when natural metal airframes with brightly coloured markings were the norm.