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Welcome to Airfix Model World (AMW). We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the contents, not just in terms of actual builds, but also the high-quality photography (all by contributors) and explanatory text. Both have been trademarks of this magazine since its inception, with the former crucial to creating an easily understandable article – after all, model-making is a visual hobby, so we have always strived to show readers just how the end result is achieved.

While we feature Airfix products in every issue, we also cover those from other major manufacturers, such as Eduard, Hasegawa, Revell, Special Hobby, IBG Models, Italeri, Tamiya and Kinetic, as well as those from limited-run and ‘cottage industry’ firms. It means we cover every genre of the hobby, from figures and aircraft to armour, maritime and sci-fi/real space, with the aim of providing the broadest selection of content.

Furthermore, AMW has strived to include informative history/background articles with certain build features, often providing a different take on an otherwise familiar topic. These are written by renowned historians or people involved intimately with a subject. If you are seeking something more in-depth, then we occasionally publish special supplements, dedicated sections or bookazines, which focus on either a theme or a newly-tooled kit, along with valuable reference material on the real subject where feasible. No other monthly modelling magazine offers this much variety and quality.

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Modellers wanting to paint Hinomaru on Japanese World War Two aircraft instead of using decals will find these pre-cut self-adhesive vinyl masks from DEAD Design a boon.

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Aircraft-dropped depth charges were a key weapon against U-boats during World War Two, so CMK’s 1/48 cast representations will be a boon to modellers with maritime aircraft kits.

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Airfix’s Vulcan has yet to arrive, but accessory firms have been quick to ready themselves, such as this comprehensive package from Kits-World.

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Laser-guided bombs are now de rigueur on many western combat aircraft, yet the provision of this type of ordnance in kits is erratic.

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While packaged as a set intended specifically for chipping work, AMMO-MIG’s fine brushes are equally suitable for fine weathering or detail painting.

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Eduard’s range of aftermarket munitions sets includes this set of AIM-120C AMRAAM with ‘clipped’ wings, allowing for internal carriage.

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Mirage Hobby’s 1/48 PZL.37 Łoś (Moose) originated in 1999 and hasn’t been available for several years, but those with the kit in their stash will appreciate this photo-etched instrument display from Yahu’s ‘JustStick’ range.

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Comprising 217 photo-etched brass ‘cross-type’ tie-down points for US Navy carrier ‘pad-eye’ deck recesses, this is a great set for those wanting to portray aircraft secured via chains on either Kitty Hawk or Forrestal-class vessels (Nimitz-and Ford-classes use a ‘star-type’, available as BRL72102).

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Airfix’s newly tooled Buccaneer S.2C is the intended recipient of this highly detailed cockpit upgrade package from CMK, which provides a complete replacement tub (with integrally cast sidewalls), ejection seats and bulkheads.

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This is the second upgrade product from Eduard for Revell’s PT-109 kit and concentrates on the craft’s .50 cal machine gun and 20mm Oerlikon armament, with additional fittings for the depth charges, deck and stowage.

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