AGM-114 Hellfire

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL32037 Price: €20.99


Revell’s 1/32 AH-64 is the subject of this splendid resin and photo-etched brass upgrade, which supplies two M299 four-rail launchers and eight Hellfires, with a choice of guidance seekers. Parts quality is first rate, notably on the missile bodies and upper launch rail, and full stencilling is supplied in decal form. Curiously, USMC (instead of US Army) labels are supplied, even though the Apache isn’t operated by that service and there are no available kits of 1/32 late-generation AH-1 Cobras, which also carried the missile.



Ukrainian Police Shield

By: Hauler

Item no: HLU35088 Price: €6.96


Here’s an unusual accessory, in the form of two complete riot shields, as used by Ukrainian Police and paramilitary units. The main unit is formed from a single photo-etched (PE) metal component, with resin arm pads and PE straps and handle mounting brackets – note the hand grips must be scratch-built from thin wire.



Lancia 3RO Radiator

By: Royal Model

Item no: 771

Price: €6.90


Replicating the fine structure of a radiator grille in styrene is challenging, so Royal Model’s gorgeous resin truck frontage is the perfect accompaniment for IBG’s recent 1/35 Lancia 3Ro kits. It’s a single-piece item and is designed as a direct replacement for the styrene parts. The finely spaced cooling vanes are reproduced faithfully, with square cross-sections, and the filler cap is included.



Walrus Mk.I Wheels

By: Eduard

Item no: 648343

Price: £4.97


Airfix’s 1/48 Walrus has received much praise, but one area in need of improvement concerns the wheels, which lack refinement. Eduard’s resin and photo-etched metal replacements can be built with open/covered outer hubs – the former benefit from a handy twopart jig to shape the spoke inserts, while the tailwheel is supplied with an integrally cast leg/suspension unit. A self-adhesive pre-cut mask set completes the package



Tools Set

By: Matho Models

Item no: 35066

Price: €7.95


Whether it’s used in conjunction with other Matho accessories, or on its own, this is an ideal addition to any maintenance scene. The single photo-etched brass fret supplies a tool box plus an assortment of spanners, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and saws. Most items can be just cut from the fret, although the screwdrivers require the handle to be laminated by folding, and the adjustable grips are two-part units.



Macchi C.94 Window Masks and Rims

By: Arctic Decals

Item no: ARC72-FR03

Price: €6


Arctic Decals’ neat window mask and chromed rim set is intended for the Broplan 1/72 vac-form Macchi C.94 and greatly simplifies the task of painting the airframe. First the glazing is masked while the aircraft livery is applied, then once this has dried, the precut self-adhesive frames add a finishing touch.


Israeli AF Early Desert Colors

By: AK Interactive

Item no: RC051 Price: €9.80


This lacquer-based acrylic paint set is part of AK’s Real Color range, and supplies shades suitable for the three-toned camouflage applied to Israeli aircraft from the 1960s onwards. There are four 10ml bottles, with the tints matched to the real colours; RC225 Dark Tan FS 30219, RC226 Sans FS 33531, RC232 Pale Green FS 34227 and RC241 Duck Egg Blue FS 35622. These hues are ideal for Israeli Ouragans, CH-53s, Bell- 212s, Vautours, Skyhawks, Kfirs and Phantoms.



Fw 190A-8 Engine

By: Eduard

Item no: 648 461 Price: £19.71


Eduard’s ‘mix-and-match’ approach to how much detail is in a kit means modellers have plenty of options to choose from. Its Brassin Fw 190A- 8 is at the high end of the scale, as it provides a complete replica BMW 801 engine, plus replacement cowling ring and panels, with parts provided in high-quality resin and photo-etched brass. This is a fairly straightforward addition, with relatively minimal surgery required to the styrene –it essentially replaces the nose section forward of the engine firewall yet will make a huge difference to the finished model



Fw 190D Exterior

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL32032

Price: €17.46


Hasegawa’s 1/32 Fw 190D has received an impressive upgrade package from Brengun. It comprises three busy photoetched brass frets, and provides a wealth of additional detail, with replacement engine cowling flaps, laminated undercarriage doors, brake hub covers, scissor-link side panels, plus new liners for the mainwheel bays. There is also a series of airframe panels, several of which will require annealing before they can be attached to the model, as they must be curved to match the airframe contours.


Spot-On Pigments

By: Vantage Modelling Solution

Item no: N/A

Price: €4.90


Vantage’s fine-grain pigments are supplied in a series earth shades, such as 04 Sand and 05 Red Earth and are designed to be used with either acrylic- or enamel-based fixatives. They are ideal for weathering and creating convincing patinas on models and, as with other such products, can be easily mixed to create new tones as required. They are supplied in 45ml screw-top jars, and their wide diameter should reduce the risk of them being knocked over accidentally.



Yakovlev Yak-3 Wheels


Item no: Q32 281 Price: €5.30


These superbly cast resin main- and tailwheels are designed specifically to fit Special Hobby’s 1/32 Yak-3, and require minimal preparation, being intended as drop-in replacements for the kit parts. The detail is far better than provided by any styrene alternatives, with delicate tread, sidewall lines and even the embossed manufacturer’s legend and tyre size replicated faithfully.



AH-1Z Interior

By: Eduard

Item no: 49957 Price: £7.71

Web: 7

This simple, yet effective pre-painted photo-etched metal upgrade from Eduard adds new cockpit displays, rudder pedals, control stick and collective buttons, which will transform the interior of Kitty Hawk’s AH-1Z Viper kit. There is also a full set of harnesses for the two seats, and embellishments for the tub floor and canopy frame, including grab handles and what appears to be an aiming/sighting device.



Convair F-106 Delta Dart Pitot Tube

By: Master Model

Item no: AM-144-016

Price: £2.55


Replicating fine pitot tubes is challenging in most scales, but especially 1/144, so Master Model’s replacement turned brass item for the Revell or Platz F-106 Delta Dart is most welcome. It’s a major improvement over the styrene components, and clear instructions are supplied as to how it is added to the kit radome.



F-16C/D Block 52 PW Exhaust


By: KA Models

Item no: MA-48061

Price: US$39


KA Models was one of the first firms to produce 3D-printed resin exhausts and continues to innovate – this superb set is designed to fit Hasegawa and Tamiya 1/48 F-16C/D Block 52 kits, and provides open/closed nozzles plus afterburner rings for Pratt & Whitney-powered airframes. While the exquisite detail would usually be the highlight, in this case it’s the inclusion of enough parts for two models – one with an open nozzle, and the other with a closed unit, making it better value for money. Each is a threepiece assembly, with afterburner ring, jet pipe and nozzle with integral ‘feathers’.


Colour Metallics

By: Green Stuff World

Item no: N/A Price: €18.30


Sci-fi modellers will find this water-based acrylic set from Green Stuff very useful, as it provides metallic tones (from blues to red) that are ideal for mecha, spaceships, weapons and figures. The six 17ml bottles offer the following: 1872 Neptunus Blue, 1873 Sirenscale Green, 1874 Caesar Red, 1875 Persian Violet, 1876 Aqua Turquoise and 1877 Orchid Purple.



USS Enterprise NCC-1701A (Refit)

By: Greenstrawberry

Item no: 07119 Price: US$46.56


AMT’s USS Enterprise (Refit) kit receives a major overhaul from Greenstrawberry’s two-fret photoetched brass package, which provides numerous internal and external embellishments. There’s an all-new bridge and arboretum while the photon torpedo launchers, shuttle-bay doors, impulse engines and warp nacelles also receive upgrades. Clever use of laminated sections creates realistic 3D effects, which will improve the finished model’s appearance considerably.