T-55 RMSh Early Type

By: MiniArt Item no: 37050 Price: £10.99


Praise has been showered on MiniArt’s excellent T-54/55 series, but the tracks have attracted little attention despite being superb miniatures. They have now been released as separate units and this set supplies the later-style RMSh-type, which was fitted to upgraded vehicles. Sufficient parts are provided for two complete 91-link (each with two pins) workable tracks, plus ten spares and associated pins. Although no jigs are supplied, these tracks are designed for easy handling and assembly.



Brimstone w/AGML III Rack

By: Eduard Item no: 648339

Price: £7.65


Modern British air-to-surface weapons are hard to find which should make Eduard’s Brimstone set popular. Sufficient resin and photo-etched brass parts are supplied for two full ‘weapons’, each comprising a three-rail launcher and three individual 11-piece missiles, including clear resin radomes. The casting is excellent, notably on the main launcher, while the Brimstones are faithful replicas of the real munitions. As supplied, they are suitable for Typhoon FGR.4s and trials Harrier GR.9s – angled adapters are required to install on Tornado GR.4s.



Hangar Equipment Vol.III

By: Greenstrawberry Item no: 06718 Price: US$18.15


With just four well-cast resin parts, Greenstrawberry’s third dedicated hangar accessory provides a series of large boxes and stacked cylinders, and multiple sets can be combined to create a ‘realistic’ sci-fiscene. Whether it’s used on its own or with other items from the firm, it will enliven any hangar/maintenance bay diorama. Although stated as being for 1/72, the ambiguous nature of the equipment means it could easily be used with larger scales to represent smaller objects.


Rusty Vehicles

By: AMMO-MIG Item no: A-MIG.7403 Price: €10.80


This three-bottle enamel-based weathering product will enable modellers to create convincing rust effects on any model. It contains A.MIG-1204 Streaking Rust Effects, A-MIG.1002 Track Wash and A.MIG- 1004 Light Rust Wash (all also available separately), with each containing 35ml of either streaking solution or pre-diluted wash. They are intended for application by brush, either directly or spattered/ flicked, and can be removed via enamel thinners.



Garden Pump

By: Plus Model Item No: 532 Price: €13.80


Including everyday items is often a ‘make or break’ element in dioramas, so this garden pump will be a welcome addition to a scene. It’s an all-resin product and provides ten crisply cast components, namely a base, two water cans, a standpipe/mechanical pump, handle, four nuts and bolts, and a trough/waterway. All parts will benefit from neatening, to remove the casting flash, but otherwise this will be a simple unit to assemble.



F-4A/B/C/D/N GE Exhaust Nozzle (Closed)

By: KA Models Item no: MA-72015 Price: US$20


Designed to fit Fujimi’s F-4 kits, this delightful 3D-printed resin set has jaw-dropping detail and an ease of assembly not found in other mediums, as each unit comprises just three parts (afterburner ring, exhaust pipe and exterior nozzle). The tiny attachment points mean there is minimal preparation required, while the nozzles are notable for their almost scale thickness and refinement, along the converge/diverge petals. Modellers seeking a quick upgrade to their early series Phantoms will find this the ideal accessory.



13” x 7” Minilite Wheels with

Tarmac Rally Tyres

By: Motobitz Item no: MBA24003

Price: £14 Web: www.motobitz/uk

These resin wheels and tyres are intended for any 1/24 Ford Escort Mk.I kit, in conjunction with the firm’s decals to replicate various rally event vehicles. The tyres – cast in black resin – feature a heavy block tread, and the hubs, representing eightspoke alloys have integrally cast attachment bolts, while the axle adapters should enable this set to be incorporated onto an manufacturer’s Mk.I Escort.



B-25G Exterior

By: Eduard Item no: 48982

Price: £19.55 Web:

Although stated to be for Italeri’s B-25G, this is equally suitable for offerings by Academy and Accurate Miniatures, as they are the same kit. The two photo-etched brass frets supply parts to rectify known shortfalls, notably the bomb bay door inner liners and bulkheads, plus more realistic ignition cables for the radial engines, scissor links for the main- and nosewheel legs, and scale-thickness fins for the bombs. Extras include cooling jackets for the 0.50 cal machine guns (although the barrels must be thinned before these can be added).



Wheels for Tiger I Early Type 1

By: OKB Grigorov Item no: S72294 Price: €13


Whether modellers are upgrading their Tigers or replacing lost/ damaged parts, OKB Grigorov’s resin wheels are a major improvement on most styrene components. There are 50 wheels in total, although just 40 are required, accompanied by four styles of axle to cater for the different positions on the interleaved running gear. Casting is first rate throughout, with welldefined rivets and bolt heads, and the boundary between wheel and tyre is clearly delineated.


F-16XL/F-CK-1 Prototypes Pitot Tube and AOA Probes

By: Master model Item no: AM-48-144 Price: £5.70


This well-designed, turnedbrass accessory provides the instrumented test boom fitted to prototype aircraft, with four distinctive ‘T-shaped’ attitude vanes mounted in an ‘X’ configuration approximately half-way along its length. As with most other Master Model products, its easy to add once the kit item has been removed and a locating hole drilled. Angleof- attack probes are supplied for the front fuselage sides, plus a spare, which are attached in the same manner.



US 300gal Fuel Tank

By: Brengun Item no: BRL72161 Price: €14.90


Builders of US Navy subjects may recognise these resin and photo-etched brass 300 US gal drop tanks, as they were released previously by Attack Squadron. There are sufficient parts for three units, with options for the flat, rounded or finned tail sections commonly carried by A-4 Skyhawks, A-6 Intruders and A-7 Corsairs. Compared with styrene alternatives, they feature superior detail and greater accuracy, with fine raised panel lines and access hatches. They are also available in 1/48 (BRL48105).



BAC Lightning Airbrakes

By: CMK Item no: 4343 Price: €7


This neat resin set can be used on any of Airfix’s 1/48 Lightnings (nicknamed the ‘Frightning’ in RAF Service) and provides two complete airbrake bays, including replacement doors and actuator arms (with two spares – just in case). The clear instructions show which sections of the fuselage must be removed and how the new parts will fit, making this an easy enhancement to the already excellent kit.




By: Eduard Item no: 672161 Price: £4.93


Eduard’s large-scale GBU-11s have been joined by 1/72 offerings. While considerably smaller, they are still impressive, comprising a one-piece main body and rear fin assembly and separate capped/uncapped seeker heads. The forward guidance fins are supplied as photo-etched items, as are the rear capping plates. There are sufficient parts for two complete GBU-11s, which were carried by F-4 Phantoms during the Vietnam War, in association with Pave Light/Knife/Spike designators. These munitions are also available in 1/48 (648342).




By: Hauler Item no: HLU35112 Price: €7.82


Whether modellers are recreating a certain scene from a musical or just a wet/rainy setting for a diorama, Hauler’s two umbrella set is the ideal accompaniment. The opened main canopy is provided as a vac-formed part, which must be cut from the surrounding styrene before adding photoetched spokes – along with a scratch-built handle which comes with a scale drawing. Hauler’s umbrellas are also available in 1/72 (HLH72085) and 1/48 scales (HLX48390).


Fast Drying Weathering Oils

By: Wilder Item no: LS41-45

Price: US$5.60 each


The latest additions to Wilder’s range of quick-drying oil paints, developed specifically for the scale modelling community, cater for skin tones, although they may be useful when weathering sand/tan-coloured surfaces. These shades are LS41 Light Rosy, LS42 Dark Rosy, LS43 Pale Shadow, LS44 Sun Tan, and LS Light Tan, and come in 20ml tubes. They are easy to apply, can be cleaned/diluted with white spirit or turpentine and will dry to a matt finish.




By: Eduard Item no: 73635

Price: £10.03 Web:

Designed to fit Hasegawa’s recent F-35B kits, Eduard’s twofret package offers significant improvements for the cockpit, plus extras for the landing gear and undercarriage bays and reaction control vents. All the pre-painted items are destined for the cockpit and include extensive modifications to the kit’s ejection seat, notably a new head box, and all-new harnesses and D-ring firing handle. Replacement instrument panels and side consoles enliven the ‘office’, although the main displays depict a machine with power on.



Palouste Mk.101/100 – Jet Air Starter Trolley and Airborne Pod

By: CMK Item no: 7416 Price: €7


The Palouste air-starter pod was a common sight during the 1950s, alongside Gannet, Scimitar, Sea Vixen and Skywarrior aircraft. Now CMK has released a neat resin replica. The main body is provided as a single-piece item, with the integral undercarriage units depicted in the lowered position (although it should be simple to convert this to closed configuration). Surface detail is represented by fine engraved panel lines, and three possible schemes are offered; white (Fleet Air Arm), red (Gnat display team) and PRU Blue (South African Air Force). This is also available in 1/48 scale (4368).


Bf 109G-10 Cockpit

By: Eduard Item no: 648422 Price: £19.55


Eduard’s ‘mix and match’ approach to detail offers modellers a huge variety in the amount of refinement they can add to a project. For the firm’s 1/48 Bf 109G-10, this cockpit is at the high end of the spectrum. It comprises 24 beautifully cast-resin components and two photo-etched metal frets (one has pre-painted features on the instrument panel seatbelts) and replaces the kit ‘office’ in its entirety. The detail is staggering, with cables, wire, internal ribbing and sidewalls replicated faithfully, and a choice of printed acetate or decal dials for the instrument panel.



Bf 109G Wheels – Plain Hub, Smooth Tire

By: BarracudaCast Item no: BR48390

Price: US$7.95


These gorgeous cast-resin mainwheels are intended to fit any 1/48 Bf 109G-5 to -14 kit, and have two types of inner hub sections, which allow them to be attached to locating lugs on Tamiya and all other offerings. The detail is superior to anything offered in styrene form and includes a small panel on the exterior face (often omitted), along with convincing tyre ribbing.



Spitfire F.Mk.22/24 Landing Flaps

By: Eduard Item no: 48963 Price: £13.43


Although there are very few phots showing a Spitfire with lowered landing flaps once an aircraft has come to a halt, they certainly add something special to a model. This set i s designed to fit Airfix’s re-released Mk.22/24, and provides step-by-step guidance on how to modify the kit wings and shape the fragile photoetched brass components, the main sections requiring a ‘twist and fold’ approach to replicate the internal ribbing structure. There’s even a raised panel and actuator for the upper wing, which extends when the flaps are deployed fully.


Civil Vehicles Weathering Set

By: AMMO-MIG Item no: A.MIG-7145 Price: €16.70


It may be intended for civil vehicle models, but this five-bottle package also has applications on most military subjects and dioramas. It combines the firm’s A.MIG-3007 Dark Earth pigment, A.MIG-1204 Streaking Rust Effects, A.MIG- 1007 US Modern Vehicles Wash and A.MIG-1406 Damp Earth (all provided in 35ml bottles) with A.MIG-042 Old Rust (in a 17ml container). These can then be layered to create a range of muddy, grimy or corroded patinas, and experimentation will be key in achieving the desired effects.



A-20B Boston/Havoc Mk.I

By: Yahu Models Item no: YMA4862 Price: £4.30


The cockpit of any Esci/Ertl/ Italeri A-20B gets a major facelift courtesy of this splendid three-piece pre-painted and assembled instrument panel, which even has simulated glass covers for the dials. The main console is a one-part affair, to which are added a compass housing and ancillary panel; the latter requires careful folding before being attached to the base of the main component.



Assorted Wing Nuts and Clamps

By: ResiCAST Item no: 35.4402

Price: €15.50


Comprising eight different styles of wing nuts and clamps, ResiCAST’s neat accessory provides more than 120 items, and is applicable to vehicles, buildings and furniture. Care will be needed when working with the contents as the smaller parts are very fragile, but these will add a touch of panache wherever they are used.



Luftwaffe Seatbelts Beige – Standard

By: RB Productions Item no: RB-P320061

Price: €6


When it comes to taking simple components, such as photo-etched buckles, pre-cut lengths of beige and brown paper, and transforming them into a complex 3D item, few companies can rival RB Productions. Here the components yield a standard-style beigecoloured harness with simulated leather buckle pads, as used in all German fighters and bombers between 1933 and 1945. The clear and well laid out instructions guide the modeller through each step. The result is a stunning miniature set of straps.