Tapered Masts Set No.1

By: Master Model

Item no: SM-350-089 Price: £7.10


This is one of several mast sets from Master Model and comprises four 100mm tapered turned brass items. Being the ‘narrow’ package, these have diameters at the top/ bottom of 0.3/1.2mm, 0.4/1.5mm, 0.5/1.8mm and 0.6/2mm respectively (wider items are in set SM-350-90) and are suitable for improving existing kits or for those indulging in scratchbuilding projects. These would be ideal for late 19th/early 20th Century vessels, including Dreadnoughts.


Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL72129 Price: €7.94


Designed to fit Academy’s Storch kit, this highly useful photoetched metal set from Brengun will make a world of difference in terms of refinement. Much of the work will be in the cockpit, as there is inner framework for the sidewalls, a rear bulkhead, a seat with belts, an instrument panel (with printed acetate dials), rudder pedals, rear spotter seat and machine gun drum magazines… Externally, the airframe will benefit from aileron/rudder control linkages and framework for part of the ‘office’ glazing.


Biber Trailer

By: Special Armour

Item no: SA72018 Price: €15


Special Hobby sub-brand Special Armour has released this cool transportation trailer for its recent Kriegsmarine Biber (beaver) miniature submarine. Well detailed styrene parts come on a single runner, and notable features are the fine suspension units and combined wheels/tyres, the latter having an excellent tread pattern. The frame sections are deftly moulded items, and if one chooses to replicate a tarpaulin cover, a full paper template is printed on the instructions. Great for a smallscale dockside or slipway scene.



By: Eduard

Item no: 632095 Price: €14.95


Famous for its employment by US jet bombers in Vietnam, such as the F-4, F-105, A-4, A-6 and A-7, the Multiple Ejector Rack was the route to heavier loads. It’s still in use though, for practice bomb carriage on US Navy and US Marines Legacy/ Super Hornets. Eduard’s three resin MERs are superb; the main rack bodies have all the little nuances of the real units, and the two lower launcher portions, sway braces and alternative crutching pads are cast separately. The latter items are given because USAF and USN/USMC MERs had differently spaced suspension lugs. Photo-etched brass details and decals also feature.


Boeing B-17G Bomb bay set

By: CMK Item no: 7382 Price: €15.30


Airfix’s new-tool 1/72 B-17G offers generally splendid detail, but CMK’s recently released resin bomb bay for said kit provides the extra crispness and refinement usually associated with the medium. Here, one receives the entire bomb bay enclosure via 11 parts, which benefit from sharp structural features, such as ribs, racks and the crew entry door. Once painted and constructed, the components form a neat drop-in assembly, and main bay doors are included.


Pushchair & Tricycle

By: Royal Model

Item no: 731 Price: €16.90


Ideal for a civilian diorama, or a setting in which military assets are with locals, this product will add character. Royal Model provides a splendid pushchair in resin, with PE fittings, such as spoked wheels and the lower frame. Two baby blanket versions are supplied; one for standard use, and another for posing the pushchair fallen on its side. Just two resin parts are offered for the equally excellent tricycle, the remainder of which is entirely in PE. One does have to cut lengths of plastic rod (not provided) to form wheel axles. No baby or toddler figures are included!


Matilda Mk.IIA Conversion Set

By: Dan Taylor Model Works

Item no: C-72131 Price: £6


Dan Taylor Modelworks is renowned among modellers of small-scale military subjects, for its great-value and accurate products. This handy package offers parts with which to backdate S-Model’s Matilda tank (which portrays a later model employed in Russia and Southeast Asia) to an earlier example used in the Western Desert from 1940- 42. Beautifully etched brass components include new hull sides with sand vent openings, a fuel can frame, antenna mounts, a number plate, driver’s hatch, louvered locker covers and even new track links. Although not shown here, there’s also a strip of resin fuel/water cans for mounting in the frame provided.


Mosquito Mk.II/Mk.VI Pitot Tube & Armament Set

By: Master

Item no: AM-72-091 Price: £6.07


Mosquito Mk.II and Mk.VI kits would benefit supremely from these superb turned brass gun barrels and pitot tube. Master’s production prowess is evident on the.303 barrels in particular as they feature cooling slot detail, but the 20mm cannon barrels are also very fine. Simply drill holes of the requisite diameter and they’re ready to be fitted.


American SO Radar and Mast

By: Coastal Craft

Item no: CCA72052 Price: £8.50


This compact eight-piece resin and brass ensemble enables 1/72 Royal Navy Vosper Motor Torpedo and Fairmile Torpedo/Gun boats, or US Navy 80ft Elco and 78ft Higgins Patrol Torpedo boats to be equipped with a faithful replica of the SO surface-search radar. A standard configuration is supplied, with a rear stay supporting the main twinboom mast, but there are guidance notes on examples fitted with short yardarms and associated halyards.


Cleaning Materials

By: ResiCAST

Item no: 35.2389 Price: €10


This comprehensive resin package supplies all necessary cleaning implements for a barrack scene, with two rubbish bins (with separate lids and handles), yard brushes, dustpan and brush sets, and there are even mops and a bucket with integrally cast wringer. The quality is excellent, and although the odd crease may require filling in the larger items, this is a well-considered accessory that oozes refinement.


Panzer IV Ausf.H Schürzen

By: Eduard

Item no: 36357 Price: €25.95


Zvezda’s Ausf.H is a delightful kit, but its Schürzen are supplied as a single item, whereas the real armour comprised separate plates. Eduard’s set provides individual Zimmerit-coated panels, although arguably its rendition of the anti-magnetic mine paste lacks depth. There are also replacement attachment lugs and supports, and three templates lend themselves to scratch-building further Schürzen from sheet styrene.


Doors Set

By: Matho Models

Item no: 35062 Price: €14.95


Here’s a great way to add detail to a building, in the form of these photoetched brass doors; six are wellfinished items with rebate sections and panels, while one features a wood grain effect, but with a smooth surround. Various handles, latches and knockers are included, along with ornamental additions. These will need a 20-thou (0.5mm) backing to provide correct scale thickness, and three will require acetate glazing for the open sections.


Colonial Viper Mk.II Nozzles

By: Green Strawberry

Item no: 00917 Price: US $28.44


Moebius/Revell Vipers (a la Battlestar Galactica) receive enhancement via this excellent resin and PE brass set. It replaces the kit’s main exhausts in their entirety, and clear direction is supplied as to how the styrene components must be modified. The nozzles are resin items, with far better interior detail (note the upper unit has a longer adapter ring), while the PE parts supply the ‘afterburner’ configuration. As a bonus, this product is designed to aid the fitting of interior lighting.


Dornier Do 27/CASA C-127 Canopy Mask

By: MH Models Item no: X72021

Price: €4


Timed perfectly to coincide with the release of Special Hobby’s 1/72 offerings, MH Models’ precut self-adhesive canopy masks supply all necessary coverings for the types’ glazing, including interior pieces for the windshield and passenger doors. This should simplify painting greatly, and allow for all doors to


Gasoline Stand

By: Plus Model

Item no: 511 Price: €19.70


Plus Model offers yet another take on a vehicle refuelling point, with this 1940s/1950s ‘lamp’ unit and a stand for oils and lubricants. Most parts are cast in resin, including oil cans, but the stand comes as a lovely fourpiece PE ensemble. The petrol pump has a clear component for the lamp, while lead and copper wire are provided for the fuel hose and lamp shrouds respectively. Completing this wonderful package is a superb decal sheet, with colourful brand logos for various oil companies.


Sd.Kfz.222 Detail Set

By: Dan Taylor Modelworks

Item no: C-76136 Price: £3.50


Airfix’s 1/76 German Reconnaissance Set, which comprised a Kubelwagen and Sd.Kfz.222 armoured car, can still be found on auction sites. This detail package caters for the latter vehicle, providing a screen for the rear hull and turret antigrenade mesh, the face of the horn, registration plates and towing hooks. Minor surgery on the upper hull, and the addition of plastic strip, is required for fitting the rear screen. Uncomplicated but very useful.


North American P-51D Mustang

By: Airscale

Item no: PE24 MUS Price: £11.95


For many years, Airfix’s 1/24 P-51 was the sole example in that scale, and while it’s definitely a kit of its time, it’s great to see modern improvements being produced. Airscale’s instrument panel combines photo-etched brass with acetate sheet and decals to form a stunning replica of the P-51’s console. However, one will need reference photos for exact placement of certain markings. This is far superior to the styrene offering and is a direct replacement…just the kit’s gunsight needs to be added.


P-40N wheels

By: Eduard

Item no: 672167 Price: €5.95


Add extra pizazz to Special Hobby’s new 1/72 P-40N with these wheels from Eduard. Main and tailwheels are offered, in the company’s usual sharply defined resin, and these items are cast to replicate the spoked hubs as they are, but photo-etched brass fairings are also given so one can portray ‘solid’ hubs. A small PE centreplate is present for the tailwheel, and generously, tape masks will make life easier come painting time.


ATLIS Jaguar

By: L’Arsenal

Item no: AC 48 90 Price: €5.95


Anyone building French Air Force Jaguars, and wanting an interesting weapons load, should select this designation pod from L’Arsenal. ATLIS was compatible with BGL-type smart bombs, and the AS.30 missile. This resin version, cast in cream resin, comes in two parts and has very good detail, especially on the nose portion with its visor. One could also fit the pod to a French Mirage 2000D or Pakistani F-16.


Soviet rockets RS82

By: Brengun Item no: BRL32022

Price: €9.28


Almost any Soviet military aircraft of World War Two could tote these airto- air rockets. They were renowned for their inaccuracy, although Russian I-16s allegedly downed Japanese fighters and bombers with the weapon. The fact makes these items useful indeed, as they could be fitted to 1/32 models of the I-16, Yak- 3, MiG-3, Il-2 and more. Eight rockets are provided and cast integrally with their launch rails (which will need casting flash clearing). PE rear fins and nose arming vanes add detail.


Harrier T.4/T.8 Exterior

By: Eduard

Item no: 48945 Price: €14.95


Kinetic received much praise for its 1/48 Harriers, but for those seeking maximum detail, it’s lacking in certain areas, and Eduard’s PE upgrade addresses several. Chief among these are the styrene wing vortex generators, which omit the mounting plate (a clever template ensures correct placement), panels, actuators and equipment detail in the airbrake and wheel bays, and pylon undersides. Extras include replacement exhaust blast deflectors (which will need scoring to replicate their ribbed appearance) and additions for the fuselage exterior.


B-25J Nose Gun Set

By: Profimodeller

Item no: 32078 Price: €5.49


Hong Kong Models’ imposing B-25J will benefit from this excellent detail set. It offers many PE parts for enlivening the glass nose area. There is framing for the transparencies, instrument/switch panels and other refinements (not shown here) include lengths of copper and braided wire, metal tube segments and printed dials.


McD Phantom F-4K XT597 A&AEE nose

By: Freightdog Models

Item no: FDR72120 Price: £4


We’re amazed no aftermarket firm has released this before now… but we’re glad Freightdog took the plunge. Cast to fit Airfix’s new British Phantom, this resin part replicates the differently shaped doppler nose fitted to XT597, a test/trials aircraft with the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment at Boscombe Down. The aircraft wore several schemes, one being raspberry ripple, and with the latter being present on a new Xtradecal sheet (for the IAT Greenham Common special scheme), this nose is vital.


Harrier T.4/T.8

By: Eduard

Item no: 49882 Price: €14.95


Modellers wanting more detail in their quarter-scale Kinetic ‘T-Bird’ Harriers need look no further than this Eduard product, but note this is just for T.2/4 variants – a T.8 cannot be built from this set as the latter had different console configurations. That aside, the photo-etched metal and brass components provide valuable improvement, from the instrument dials and sidewalls to the pre-painted jettison/arming panels. Replacement rudder pedals also feature, as does a well-designed alternative for an M-B Mk.9 seat parachute housing (the styrene representation must be removed).


T-62 Wheels Set

By: MiniArt

Item no: 37060 Price: £10.99


While these tank wheels may appear similar to previous iterations from MiniArt, it’s configured specifically for the T-62 (and thus applicable for 1/35 Tamiya or Trumpeter kits), with a different road wheel combination supplied on the 16 styrene runners. There are sufficient crisply moulded parts for a full set of running gear, with alternative drive wheels depending upon which track type (OMSh and RMSh) is to be fitted; it should be used with the corresponding track links (37046 and 35050 respectively).


Pod CT-51

By: L’Arsenal

Item no: AC 72 32 Price: €4.95


Employed by the French Air Force Mirage IV and Jaguar A, the CT-51 was the largest of the air arm’s jamming pods. L’Arsenal had already produced this store in 1/48, but now it’s scaled down the item to 1/72… perfect for Italeri/Hasegawa Jaguars and Heller’s Mirage IV. It’s cast in two pieces, with the adapter in situ on the rear portion. The device’s longitudinal strakes are represented well.


Spitfire Mk.IX Cockoit Door w Crowbar

By: BarracudaCast

Item no: BR32338 Price: US $4.95


Revell’s recent 1/32 Spitfire has positive and negative aspects, but most of the latter are remedied relatively easily. One item ripe for replacement is the cockpit access door. Here, Barracuda offers a sublime resin part, with beautifully rendered locking mechanism… and a separate crowbar for extra fidelity and class. Clamps are even cast on the door so the crowbar can be held properly.


BAC Lightning F.2A/F.6 Electronics boxes

By: CMK Item no: 4351

Price: €12.80


Airfix’s 1/48 Lightning is a perennial favourite, but it can be enlivened with CMK’s bespoke resin detail set. This package offers interior features for under the aircraft’s spine panels, and in the front and rear fuselage sides. The upper location features voltage regulators, AVPIN tank, engine pumps, solenoid valves, starter controls and HF igniters. A one-piece cover with internal ribbing is supplied, as are interior housings, rebates and panels for the control unit and DC generator.


Boeing B-17G Radio Operator’s Station Set

By: CMK Item no: 7381

Price: €10.30


Extra detail for Airfix’s new-tool B-17G come via this CMK resin, which caters for the radio operator’s area. One receives the rear bulkhead, which has radios and a fire extinguisher cast in situ (but the actual door opening needs to be cleared of casting flash), a floor and front bulkhead. The latter has features cast integrally, and there are separate radio boxes. Two seats are present, although these are highbacked and have shoulder harnesses as well as lap belts; we think the former could be a warbird addition, so research is advisable


Classic Racing Style Bullet Door Mirrors

By: Motobitz

Item no: MBA24016/B Price: £3


This two-piece accessory provides the bullet-style type rear-view mirrors often seen on classic racing cars and road cars during the 1960s and 1970s (epitomised by a certain secret agent’s Aston Martin DB5). They are cast on a single resin block, require minimal preparation and feature a recessed solid ‘glazing’ for the reflective surface.


Milk Cans with Small Cart

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35580 Price: £10.99


MiniArt travels memory lane to a time when the daily milk delivery was by horse and cart, and the contents decanted into a jug or similar vessel. There are seven styrene runners and a small PE brass fret, and these come together to make a twinaxle hand cart, as used at a dairy yard, along with three examples each of four types of milk churn. The detail is exquisite, and while the PE handles may challenge less-experienced modellers, this is otherwise well within the capabilities of most.



By: Eduard Item no: 632095

Price: €22.45


The CBU-105 was developed from the CBU-97 and combines said dispenser with GPS and tail guidance fins. They are carried by US A-10s, F-16s, B-1s and F-15Es, although India has purchased the weapon for its Jaguars (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey South Korea and the UAE have also placed orders). Eduard’s resin replicas are accurate, from the deftly rendered rivets and suspension lugs to the GPS domes and refined tail units. A comprehensive decal sheet offers all necessary stencilling and colour bands.