Accurascale adds exclusive ‘OO’ HUO


Accurascale has added a sole bauxite liveried 24.5ton HUO wagon to its next batch of the popular ‘OO’ gauge hopper wagons.

Regarded as a ‘one-off’ in this colour scheme, HUO B335028 will be offered as an Accurascale Exclusive limited edition direct via the company’s website.


While a number of hopper wagons were painted bauxite, the company believes this is the only vehicle of its specific type – Diagram 1/148 lot 3314 – that carried the scheme.

As with previous releases, the model will feature sprung metal buffers, wire handrails, separately fitted detailing, turned metal wheels and small tension lock couplings in NEM pockets. In addition, this exclusive hopper will also feature TOPS panels and be supplied in specially-produced packaging.


Priced at £24.95 each, just 500 models will be available. Release is expected during the second quarter of 2022.

Visit for more details.