Accurascale adds ICI Soda Ash 16ton mineral wagons

Accurascale has revealed details of its latest website exclusive - ICI Soda Ash 16ton steel mineral wagons for ‘OO’ gauge.


Converted from 16ton steel mineral wagons at the Avenue Workshops in Northwich between 1969 and 1970, 120 vehicles were modified to carry soda ash for the Imperial Chemical Company (ICI). The conversion was basic, consisting of a new sheet bar and sealing of the interior across the wagons’ three side doors. The majority of these wagons were scrapped by the mid 1970s while a few survived into the 1980s gaining a grey-blue repaint.


A further batch of 100 wagons were converted by C.C. Crump of Connah’s Quay in the early 1970s which differed from the other modified wagons, keeping the sheet bar but having the side doors replaced by a welded panel.

Accurascale is developing both forms of conversion in two triple-wagon packs, as part of the extensive tooling suite produced for its all-new ‘OO’ gauge 16ton steel mineral wagons.


Pack P covers the ICI wagons in their later life with wagons 751, 737 and 690 featuring stepped shank buffer housing, fabricated redundant main doors and Morton double two-shoe independent brakes.

Pack Q covers the C.C. Crump conversions, with the wagons in a later ICI grey-blue livery covering CCC5534 and CCC5579. Wagon CLWD 5540 will also feature its Private Owner Open TOPs panels - which will be corrected on production samples. Each of these wagons will feature stepped shank buffer housings, fabricated end doors, standard axle journals, solid handbrake handles and Morton two-shoe brakes.


Available exclusively from Accurascale's website, prices are set at £74.95 per triple-wagon pack, with release anticipated during the third quarter of 2024.

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