Blue Accurascale Class 31s roll in

Decorated samples of the initial batch of BR blue ‘OO’ gauge Class 31 locomotives from Accurascale have been unveiled.The tooling caters for plated and full headcode variations.

Until recently, only one BR blue sample had been shown to the public, but the full quota of BR blue examples have now arrived for inspection. It comprises 5544 (Cat No: ACC2741-5544), 31248 (ACC2745-31248) and 31402 (ACC2753-31402) in BR blue with headcode boxes, 31128 Charybdis (ACC2781-31128) and 31432 (ACC2761-31432) in blue with orange cantrail stripes and 31409 (ACC2749-31409) with white strengthening stripe. The latter three examples have plated headcode boxes.

Batches two and three will consist of BR green, sectorisation and limited edition models.

Accurascale’s Class 31 is set to feature a die-cast metal chassis, separately fitted detailing items, etched metal grilles, working roof fan, interior and exterior lighting, factory fitted twin speakers, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and more.

Batch one consists of six BR blue locomotives.

Having now been approved, the initial batch of these alll-new models are now expected to appear during July. Further batches will appear later this year containing BR green and sectorisation liveries – plus limited edition versions.

Prices are set at £169.99 DCC Ready and £269.99 for DCC sound-fitted models.

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