Decorated 'Deltics' Debut

Above: Accurascale's new 'OO' gauge Deltic is due to appear in Porterbrook's distinctive colour scheme as 9016 Gordon Highlander.

Accurascale has received decorated samples of its forthcoming 'OO' gauge Class 55 'Deltic' Co-Co diesels for evaluation by the company's development team.

First announced at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in November 2018, Accurascale revealed ambitious plans to produce 17 standard versions plus six exclusive special editions (see tables below), resulting in all 22 class members, 23 different models in total, appearing with accurate detail differences between them incorporated within the tooling suite. These differences include headcode panel arrangement, horn placement, bogie style, sandbox hatch variations, windscreen wiper arrangement, filling in of cabside windows where appropriate and much more.

Accurascale Deltic
Above: D9013 The Black Watch is due to appear in BR two-tone green with small yellow warning panels.
Above: Accurascale's incredible attention to detail extends to roof fan grille differences - can you spot the differences?

Examples of colour schemes spanning the full release programme have been received for assessment, from BR two-tone green to the unique Porterbrook purple liveried 9016 Gordon Highlander. As well as checking the shades used, the team has also been evaluating the application of the overall paint finish together with the fitment and appearance of parts before giving the go-ahead for production.

Above: Finsbury Park's 55018 Ballymoss is also planned for 'OO' from Accurascale.

The impressive specification calls for a heavy-diecast metal chassis, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, metal helical gearbox, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, Powerpack capacitor for uninterrupted power, all-wheel drive and pick-up, directional lighting, switchable marker lights, cab and driver's console illumination, engine bay lighting and much more.

Above: 55022 Royal Scots Grey receives silvered grilles and fuel tanks along with handrails, lamp irons, headcode surrounds and springs picked out in white for its release.

Further improvements have been identified to areas such as positioning of the cantrail stripe on certain models,  engine room glazing fitment, seam line reductions, refined masking and the inclusion of blanked quarter panel windows on some examples. A further tweak is required to the shade of purple used on the Porterbrook example, but the development team have indicated that they are happy with the BR green, BR blue and warning panel yellow shades used on these samples.

Above: 9016 Gordon Highlander in Porterbrook purple is set to feature working Wipac light clusters and 'modern' overhead live wire flashes.

In total, 23 models are planned for release initially - there will be two versions of D9002/55002 plus one each of the remaining class members - displaying various livery and detail combinations, split between Accurascale and the Deltic Preservation Society/Locomotion Models/Rails of Sheffield:

Identity (General release) Livery Cat No.  Price Supplier
55001 St Paddy BR blue ACC2151D9001 £160/£250* A
55003 Meld BR blue ACC2153D9003 £160/£250* A
D9004 BR green ACC2154D9004 £160/£250* A
55005 The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire BR blue ACC2155D9005 £160/£250* A
D9006 The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry BR green/full yellow ends ACC2156D9006 £160/£250* A
D9007 Pinza BR green ACC2157D9007 £160/£250* A
D9010 The King's Own Scottish Borderer BR green/full yellow ends ACC2160D9010 £160/£250* A
55011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers BR blue ACC2161D9011 £160/£250* A
D9012 Crepello BR blue (pre-TOPS) ACC2162D9012 £160/£250* A
D9013 The Black Watch BR green/small yellow warning panels ACC2163D9013 £160/£250* A
D9014 The Duke of Wellington's Regiment BR green/full yellow ends ACC2164D9014 £160/£250* A
9016 Gordon Highlander Porterbrook purple ACC2166D9016 £160/£250* A
55017 The Durham Light Infantry BR blue ACC2167D9017 £160/£250* A
55018 Ballymoss BR blue/white cabs ACC2168D9018 £160/£250* A
D9020 Nimbus BR green/small yellow warning panels ACC2170D9020 £160/£250 A
9021 Argyll and Sutherland Highlander BR blue (pre-TOPS) ACC2171D9021 £160/£250* A
55022/D9000 Royal Scots Grey BR blue with silver grilles (1981 condition) ACC2172D9022 £160/£250* A
Identity (Special editions) Livery Cat No. Price Supplier
D9002 The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry BR green/small yellow warning panels (as preserved) CL55 (D9002 Preserved) £160/£250* RoS/LM
55002 The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry BR green/full yellow ends (1980s) CL55 (55002)  £160/£250* RoS/LM
D9008 The Green Howards ex-works BR green (1961 condition) CL55 (D9008) £160/£250* RoS/DPS
D9009 Alycidon BR blue (pre-TOPS - HI lights/mainline condition) CL55 (D9009) £160/£250* RoS/DPS
55015 Tulyar BR blue/white cabs CL55 (55015) £160/£250* RoS/DPS
D9019 Royal Highland Fusilier BR green/small yellow warning panels (post-1965 condition) CL55 (D9019) £160/£250* RoS/DPS

Notes: *DCC Sound Fitted/A Accurascale/RoS Rails of Sheffield/LM Locomotion Models/DPS Deltic Preservation Society

Following amendments to the decoration and fitment of parts, production is expected to get underway in March with delivery anticipated during the Summer (late Q2/early Q3 2021). Prices are set at £160 for Digital Command Control (DCC) ready models and £250 for factory-fitted DCC Sound models.

Above: Each of Accurascale's new 'Deltics' will feature era-specific detailing, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, heavy diecast chassis, directional lighting and much more.

Visit for more information on standard models and and for more details on the special edition examples.