First and last Class 60s for Accurascale

Accurascale has revealed decorated samples for two of its Accurascale Exclusive all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 60s – 60001 Steadfast and 60100 Midland Railway – Butterley.

Accurascale is modelling 60100 as it appears today in DB Cargo red.

The exclusive models replicate the first and last Class 60s - 60001 Steadfast in 1989 as-built condition in triple grey Construction sector livery and 60100 Midland Railway – Butterley in DB cargo red as it appears today. 

First built 60001 and last built 60100 form a pair of Accurascale website exclusive models.

Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 60s will feature a full lighting suite which includes illuminated desk, cab and radiator room, together with full exterior lights. The locomotives will feature a heavy die-cast chassis, five-pole motor with twin flywheels, all-wheel drive and pick-up, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, factory-fitted stay alive capacitor, hall sensor to activate flange squeal on sound fitted models, magnetic roof hatch and more.

60001 is represented as it rolled off the production line in 1989

60001 and 60100 will be available as Accurascale website exclusives and can only be purchased through that outlet. Seven other standard release Class 60 models are also set to be produced covering a wide range of liveries over the big Co-Co diesels’ careers.

Delivery of the Class 60 is slated for early 2025 with DCC Ready examples priced at £169.99 and DCC sound-fitted models priced at £269.99.

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