Accurascale ‘OO’ Banana vans ripen

Accurascale has received decorated samples of its forthcoming all-new ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway (SR) banana vans for assessment by the project’s development team.


The manufacturer’s newly-tooled banana vans model SR Diagram D1478 and D1479 vehicles throughout their careers with examples in SR, BR and departmental liveries, including variations to the placement and finish of bodyside labelling and ‘distressed’ weathering effects to the recently-announced departmental ballast cleaner van. The specification also includes a die-cast metal chassis, separately applied detailing and brass bearings.


Having been scrutinised by Accurascale's development team, the models have now been approved for production.


Priced at £84.95 per triple pack of individually numbered wagons, delivery is expected during the third quarter of 2023.

Visit Accurascale for more information.