Accurascale reveals all-new BR 16ton steel mineral wagons for 'OO'

Accurascale has revealed its latest all-new ‘OO’ gauge wagon project – the ubiquitous BR 16ton steel mineral open wagon.


The history of the 16ton mineral wagon can trace its origins back to two designs in the mid-1940s. Following nationalisation two new standard designs were introduced – 1/108 (welded bodywork) and 1/109 (riveted bodywork) – and between 1951 and 1959 more than 220,000 examples were built, representing the biggest wagon building programme in the history of Britain’s railways.


Plugging a significant gap in its Powering Britain range, Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO' gauge 16ton steel mineral wagons will initially follow the development of the unfitted Morton braked examples in the first batch of releases, modelling Diagram 1/108, 1/109 and MCO rebodied versions.


Accurascale’s extensive tooling suite will enable the welded and riveted bodies to be produced and will also include three types of end door (a fabricated example and two pressed steel variants), three types of buffer housing (including Dowty hydraulic buffers), BR standard and square axle journals, standard and pressed steel handbrake handles and Morton unfitted and double unfitted independent brakes.


Already at the Engineering Prototype sample stage, the new wagons will feature a die-cast metal chassis, moulded body, separately-fitted side, top and end doors and a wealth of factory applied detailing parts including wire handrails, side-door handles, grab handles, lamp brackets, brake gear, metal three-hole wheels and turned metal sprung buffers.


Offered across 20 triple-wagon packs in original and rebodied form (18 confirmed so far), examples will include individually numbered Diagram 1/108, 1/109 and MCO wagons with a selection of colour schemes including BR grey with original text on black panels, pre-TOPS COAL 16, TOPS COAL 16 and TOPS with data panels. Several private owner/internal user packs have also been included with two National Coal Board (NCB) triple-wagon packs, a CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board) yellow pack and BR Horwich (internal user) rail blue pack.  


Following assessment of the EP samples, areas of improvement have been identified and will be addressed before progressing to the next stage.


Priced at £74.95 per triple wagon pack, release is anticipated during the third quarter of 2024.

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