Accurascale reveals all-new ‘OO’ Class 60

Accurascale has announced an all-new model of the Class 60 Co-Co heavy freight diesel locomotive for ‘OO’ gauge.


Built from 1989 by Brush Traction at the Falcon Works in Loughborough. The class promised to combat the often unreliable fleet of heavy freight locomotives available for work with BR customers. 100 examples were constructed by the time production finished in 1993. With privatisation looming the fleet was split up for the shadow franchises, Loadhaul, Mainline and Transrail, while the entire fleet passed to English, Welsh and Scottish Railways (EW&S) in the mid 1990s. 


More recently, several class members have been acquired by other freight operators including Cappagh/DC Rail, Colas Rail Freight and GB Railfreight, while the remaining DB Cargo fleet has been withdrawn.

Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 60 is set to feature a comprehensive lighting suite including desk, cab and radiator room illumination, together with full exterior lights. Additionally the locomotives will feature a heavy die-cast chassis, five-pole motor, twin flywheels, all-wheel drive and pick-up, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, factory-fitted stay-alive capacitor, helical gearing, hall sensor to activate flange squeal on sound fitted models, magnetic roof hatch and more. Factory-sound fitted models will also feature a bespoke ESU LokSound 5 sound profile with Accurathrash speaker.


Subtle variations in the tooling will also be included, to cater for locomotives from different eras, these include twin or single exhaust silencer, different lamp brackets, roof panels without vents or scavenger fans, two-piece driver's side cab windows and updated three-piece replacements, fibreglass or steel snowploughs, extended or standard fuel tanks, exposed or covered bufferbeams, air ventilation scoops on the cab front, original and modern LED style light clusters and more.


Seven standard models are planned for the initial batch of releases, covering a spectrum of eras and operators. Standard models will include 60007 in Loadhaul orange and black, 60015 in Transrail grey, 60021 Penyghent in GB Railfreight orange and blue, 60034 in Railfreight Metals sector triple grey, 60065 Spirit of Jaguar in EWS maroon and gold, 60075 in Mainline grey and 60092 in Railfreight Coal sector triple grey. As revealed above, 60001 Steadfast is also planned to appear in as-delivered Railfreight Construction sector triple grey and is amongst four exclusive models being produced - more details on these are set to be revealed soon.

Accurascale’s all-new ‘OO’ model is already at an advanced stage in development, with all models having already been approved for production. Delivery is anticipated for the first quarter of 2025. Prices are set at £169.99 DCC Ready and £269.99 DCC sound-fitted.

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