Accurascale reveals TPE Mk 5a Nova 3 EPs

Accurascale reveals TPE Mk 5a Nova 3 EPs

Having showcased its forthcoming 'OO' gauge Caledonian Sleeper Mk 5 carriages earlier in the week, Accurascale has revealed progress on its new Transpennine Express Mk 5a Nova 3 carriages for 'OO'.

These five-car push-pull Mk 5a sets operate on Liverpool/Manchester to Scarborough/Middlesbrough TransPennine Express services and comprise a Driving Trailer Standard (DTS), three Trailer Standards (TS) and a Trailer First (TF), hauled/propelled by a Class 68 diesel locomotive. Built by CAF, each five-car set provides 291 seats (261 standard/30 first).

Accurascale's new 'OO' gauge models have progressed to the first Engineering Prototype (EP) stage of the production process and the extensive tooling suite incorporates detail differences between vehicles, such as window positioning and they will feature highly detailed body shells, interiors, underframes and inside frame design bogies together with directional lighting (DTS), illuminated destination boards, interior lighting with stay-alive capacitors, flush glazing, factory-fitted pipework, separately applied etched metal and plastic detailing, magnetic close-coupling system and much more.

Following a detailed assessment by Accurascale's project designers, the models will progress to the next stage of the process subject to further corrections and/or modifications identified.

Two five-car packs are planned (each containing DTS, TS, TS, TS, TF vehicles) finished in the distinctive TransPennine Express livery, enabling two accurate Nova 3 TPE sets to be assembled - Pack A (Cat No. ACC22351) and Pack B (ACC22352). 

Prices are set at £225 per five-car pack, with delivery currently anticipated during the third quarter of this year.

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