A TRIO of new 1/72 military releases have been announced by Ukrainian company ACE Model, including World War Two-era FlaK 36-fitted Sd.Kfz.6/2 half-track and Humber Super Snipe staff car kits, plus a more modern Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 truck.

New parts are included for the German 3.7cm FlaK 36 auf Fahrgestell mZgKw 5t Sd.Kfz.6/2 (72572), as the firm already produced the troop-carrying and artillery-towing variants (72567 and 72568 respectively). No details are currently available regarding the colour schemes, but based on previous offerings they will include several camouflage options.

A new-tool Humber Super Snipe (72550) will also form the basis for other versions; the design was produced from October 1938 onwards and was designated 'Car, 4-seater, 4x2' in military service. Kit-supplied schemes represent a pair of British Army vehicles, plus one each operated by Germany's Kriegsmarine (navy) and Wehrmacht (army).

Another brand-new tooling depicts Mercedes-Benz's Unimog U 1300 L truck (72450), with markings for German, Portuguese and Belgian Army machines, while ambuance (72451) and fire service versions (72452) are also available.

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