ADM adds Traverser

ADM Turntables has added a new ‘OO’ gauge traverser transfer table to its portfolio of model railway products.


Traversers move from side to side and offer an easy way of changing tracks, often taking up less space and offering simpler track layout than a turntable.

Utilising similar software to its existing turntable and drive systems, ADM’s new ‘OO’ gauge traverser will measure 670mm x 380mm x 80mm, feature fully indexing programmable positioning and can accommodate up to ten tracks at Peco Streamline spacing or seven tracks at Setrack spacing. As with its indexing turntable, the traverser has been designed to be removable from below the baseboard without disturbing tracks. Models will be offered in basic and bespoke forms.

The basic version will be supplied in etch primer as standard and include the basic traverser with 12V power supply and keypad. It will feature constant DC or DCC power to the bridge.


Bespoke versions (illustrated above) will also be available which additionally include functioning two-aspect signals, audible movement warning, control cabins, decking, railings and control cabin lighting. The bespoke version is based on a prototype at Felixstowe Docks.

Prices start at £649 for the basic version and £849 for bespoke versions. The latter option can also be made to specific size, shape and gauge. It is hoped that production will start in mid-2023, subject to component supply issues being resolved.

Visit ADM Turntables for more information.