In the first of its quarterly product announcements, Bachmann Europe has previewed a new range of classic Thunderbirds model kits to be released under the Adventures in Plastic (AiP) brand.

AiP 1/144 Thunderbird 1

These will all depict machinery featured in the television show produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson between 1964-66, which was known for its use of ‘Supermarionation’ puppetry. Despite several reboot attempts, the original two series remain available to watch via the UK’s Britbox streaming service.

AiP Thunderbird 5 and Thunderbird 3

There are a total of 11 offerings (see below for a full listing); each of International Rescue’s titular vehicles plus Lady Penelope’s Rolls-Royce FAB 1, ‘The Mole’ pod vehicle and Fireflash airliner (from the pilot episode) are subject to individual releases. Sets combining same-scale replicas of frequently paired machines plus diorama packages will also feature:

AiP10001 1/144 Thunderbird 1
AiP10002 1/350 Thunderbird 2 with Thunderbird 4
AiP10003 1/350 Thunderbird 3
AiP10004 1/48 Thunderbird 4
AiP10005 Thunderbird 5 with Thunderbird 3
AiP10006 1/350 Fireflash with 4 elevator cars
AiP10007 1/72 The Mole
AiP10008 1/32 FAB 1
AiP10009 1/350 Thunderbird 1 Launch Bay
AiP10010 1/350 Transparent Thunderbird 2 with 2 Pods and Assorted Rescue Vehicles
AiP10011 1/350 Thunderbird 2 Launch Bay with 3 Pods and Assorted Pod Vehicles


The entire range is set to be available through Bachmann stockists from March 15, 2021 – for further information, visit: F.A.B!

AiP 1/350 Thunderbird 2 Launch Bay