NEW STOCK: Airbrush and weathering paint bundles available now

NEW IN at the Key Model World Shop are Lifecolor paint bundles and an airbrushing starter bundle offering all the equipment you need in one purchase including a Sparmax MAX-4 airbrush, ARISM compressor, Spray Booth and Cleaning Pot.

The new bundles have been selected by the Key Model World team to offer quality products which we have experience of using. The Sparmax airbrushing equipment range is suitable to all skills levels from beginner to professional and is distributed in the UK by

Airbrushing starter kit bundle.

The Key Model World airbrushing starter bundle has been selected to include the Sparmax MAX-4 dual-action gravity-feed airbrush, which is a 0.4mm nozzle capable of spray patterns from 0.4mm-25mm, together with a compact ARISM single-pistion oil-less compressor with an automatic on/off feature and a moisture trap, a Sparmax Cleaning Pot - essential for gathering spare paint from an airbrush colour cup and for use in spraying through airbrush cleaner, an SB-88 Spray Booth and extractor plus a bottle of airbrush cleaner.

Airbrushing starter kit bundle.

The bundle is priced at £460 - saving £20 over purchase of all items separately - and is available for immediate despatch from the Key Model World Shop.

In addition, the two now stocks two Lifecolor paint bundles with a choice of the Rail Weathering and Shades of Black six-colour paint sets - as featured in our new 1960s railway weathering video series - with a trio of quality Lifecolor brushes. These bundles are priced at £25.99 each and are available now.

The Lifecolor acrylics are easy to work with and regularly used by the Key Model World team in weathering and painting projects. The paints are supplied in 22ml pots and can be thinned with water of Lifecolor Thinner for airbrush application.

Lifecolor Rail Weathering paint set.

The Rail Weathering set (CS21) contains UA719 Rail Frame Dirt, UA720 Rail Track Dirt, UA721 Rail Sleeper Grime, UA722 Rail Roof Dirt, UA723 Rail Weathered Black and UA724 Rail Brake Dust.

Lifecolor Shades of Black paint set.

The Shade of Black set (CS27) contains UA731 Dirty Black, UA732 Vulcanized Rubber, UA733 Tyre Black, UA734 Worn Black, UA735 Deep Cockpit and UA736 Burned Black.

Visit the Key Model World Shop for more information and detailed product specifications.