All-New K Type Pullmans for 'O' Gauge

All-New K Type Pullmans for 'O' Gauge



Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has unveiled plans to produce a set of all-steel K Type Pullmans as its next finescale ‘O’ gauge project.

Produced exclusively for ECT by Darstaed, these all-new models will cover vehicles from their inception in 1928 to the present day, with Parlour First, Parlour Third, Brake Parlour Third, Kitchen First and Kitchen Third vehicles planned.


Each carriage will feature factory painted brass sides, a detailed underframe and interior, together with battery-powered working table lamps and ceiling lights. They will also include sprung metal buffers, magnetic corridor connectors and be suitable for second radius curves.


Coaches will be available individually and in themed multi-vehicle packs with a selection of famous named trains planned, including the 'Bournemouth Belle', 'Queen of Scots', 'Yorkshire Pullman' and 'Ocean Liner Express'.


Prices have yet to be confirmed, with release anticipated during Q1/Q2 2023.


Visit for more information and to place pre-orders.