All-new 'OO' SR eight-plank opens for Rapido Trains UK


A series of Southern Railway eight-plank open wagons will be Rapido Trains UK’s next 'OO' gauge project.

The Southern Railway built many thousands of eight-plank open wagons in the 1920s and 1930s. Amongst these were examples to Diagrams 1379 and 1400, the former with standard RCH underframes and 9ft wheelbase, while the latter were to an increased 10ft wheelbase. They were numerous and widespread across Southern territory, including the Isle of Wight system.


Rapido Trains UK is to produce no less than 31 different wagons initially covering both Diagram 1379 and Diagram 1400 variants with detail differences incorporated to include 9ft and 10ft wheelbase examples, together with Morton and SR 'Freighter' brakes, disc and spoked wheels. Liveries will cover SR brown, BR grey and departmental colour schemes (see table below for more details).


Development of the new models is already at an advanced stage, with first Engineering Prototype samples already received for assessment.

Priced at £32.95, release is expected in early 2023.

Visit Rapido Trains UK for more information.

Dia.1379 29306, SR brown (pre-1936) 940001
Dia.1379 30601, SR brown (pre-1936) 940002
Dia.1379 31458, SR brown (pre-1936) 940003
Dia.1379 31372, SR brown (pre-1936) 940004
Dia.1379 32565, SR brown (pre-1936) 940005
Dia.1379 33333, SR brown (pre-1936) 940006
Dia.1379 36485, SR brown (pre-1936) 940007
Dia.1379 36759, SR brown (pre-1936) 940008
Dia.1379 30004, SR brown (pre-1936) 940009
Dia.1379 29898, SR brown (post-1936) 940010
Dia.1379 29427, SR brown (post 1936) 940011
Dia.1379 31364, SR brown (post 1936) 940012
Dia.1379 31421, SR brown (post 1936) 940013
Dia.1379 33255, SR brown (post 1936) 940014
Dia.1379 33730, SR brown (post 1936) 940015
Dia.1379 36359, SR brown (post 1936) 940016
Dia.1379 36871, SR brown (post 1936) 940017
Dia.1400 10939, SR brown (post 1936) 940018
Dia.1400 11783, SR brown (post 1936) 940019
Dia.1400 27363, SR brown (post 1936) 940020
Dia.1379 S30215, BR grey 940021
Dia.1379 S27915, BR grey 940022
Dia.1379 S27930, BR grey 940023
Dia.1379 S31472, BR grey 940024
Dia.1379 S34301, BR grey 940025
Dia.1379 S36194, SR brown with BR lettering 940026
Dia.1379 S34745, BR grey 940027
Dia.1400 S10953, SR brown with BR lettering 940028
Dia.1400 S26782, BR grey 940029
Dia.1400 S11530, BR grey 940030
Dia.1400 DS719, Motive Power Department black 940031