UPDATED: All-new Alcan PCAs for ‘OO’


Revolution Trains is to produce a newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge model of the distinctive alumina PC020A PCA tank wagons.

Built in the late 1980s for British Aluminium Alcan by Powell Duffryn, 43 of the PC020A air-discharged powder tank wagons were introduced for carrying alumina in block trains between North Blyth on the East Coast to the aluminium smelter at Fort William in the West Highlands.

The traffic continues to this day utilising GB Railfreight motive power on its journey along the scenic West Highland Line – the line’s last remaining regular freight traffic. The wagons also feature older style guard irons with leaf springs, which enables them to continue operating along the route.

Originally delivered in a pale grey colour scheme with black underframes and blue Alcan logos, they have also operated in unbranded form, as well as with Rio Tinto, Liberty/Lochaber and Alvance branding.


The new model will reflect the prototypes through the years and will be supplied with or without ladders. Development work is already at an advanced stage and first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples are expected soon, as the project is already in tooling.

Wagons are set to be supplied in quadruple-wagon packs with individual running numbers to help build up a realistic rake of wagons. Fourteen different packs are planned covering the various liveries carried through the years.

Priced at £149.95 per pack for pre-orders (reverting to £159.99 in due course),  a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Visit Revolution Trains for more information.

55531/55535/55536/55538, Alcan original (with ladders) Pack A
55541/55544/55547/55550, Alcan original (with ladders) Pack B
55552/55556/55557/55561, Alcan original (with ladders) Pack C
55566/55569/55570/55573, Alcan original (with ladders) Pack D
55532/55533/55539/55542, Alcan debranded (with ladders) Pack E
55548/55551/55555/55560, Alcan debranded (with ladders) Pack F
55563/55568/55571/55572, Alcan debranded (with ladders) Pack G
55531/55534/55537/55541, Rio Tinto Alcan (no ladders) Pack H
55543/55552/55557/55559, Rio Tinto Alcan (no ladders) Pack I
55563/55566/55569/55572, Rio Tinto Alcan (no ladders) Pack J
55532/55535/55542/55547, Lochaber/Liberty (no ladders) Pack K
55553/55554/55555/55560, Lochaber/Liberty (no ladders) Pack L
55561/55564/55570/55573, Lochaber/Liberty (no ladders) Pack M
55531/55544/55556/55569, Alvance (no ladders) Pack N