Emulating metal on a model can be tricky, but it’s now easier thanks to AMMO MIG’s self-adhesive metallic sheets.


In the realm of aircraft finishes, metallic surfaces are the most difficult to replicate well. Using acrylic or enamel paints demands that the surface is super-smooth and free of blemishes before any paint is applied. Then, the given metallic medium can sometimes be delicate and easily scratched.

An interesting alternative, though, is available from AMMO. Mig Jimenez’s popular brand offers self-adhesive metallic sheets in Chrome (A.MIG-8248) and Aluminium – the idea being to cut out sections and apply them to the model’s surface. The super-thin sheets are sized 280 x 195mm and you get five in a pack. Older modellers will appreciate the fact that they are similar to the venerable US product Bare Metal Foil.

AMMO’s metallic sheets are seemingly easy to use. Cut a section to the required size, ensure the model’s surface is suitably smooth, then clean with alcohol and apply the foil… burnishing it with a rubber brush or cotton swab to remove any air bubbles. Any type of paint or weathering product can be applied over the top. The metallic sheets are ideal for car modellers too, for ensuring realistic chrome trim, or even those building sci-fi, real space or steampunk-style models.

Each pack costs €7.95, available from AMMO by Mig Jimenez