Arch Laser ‘N’ range expands

Arch Laser ‘N’ range expands


Arch Laser has expanded its range of 2mm scale detailing accessories with a series of new laser-cut and 3D-printed items.

Available exclusively from Osborn's Models, the new 2mm scale 3D-printed products include a forklift (Cat No. A3D121/A3D122) and modern scaffolding flat-bed van (A3D118/A3D119), with each available in unpainted and fully-finished condition.


Arch Laser's 2mm scale laser-cut range has also been bolstered with the addition of a set of 20 pallets (ARCHN061), 40 tyres (ARCHN0063) and a builder's yard accessory pack (ARCHN0065), while a set of three 3D printed aggregates bags has also been added (ARCHN0066). Each pack is supplied unpainted. 


Prices are £6.95 (forklift) and £8.95 (scaffolding van) for the unpainted vehicles (£9/£12.95 respectively, fully finished), while the laser-cut and 3D-printed accessories are priced at £4.95 per pack.

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