At the armoured tip


BEST-SELLING author Adam Makos’s Spearhead, which tells the true story of US Army tank gunner Clarence Smoyer during late World War Two, has just been released in a paperback edition.

While some of the events depicted (notably the clash between an American Pershing and a German Panther in Cologne) were immortalised in film by a combat photographer, this book provides invaluable background. Detailed interviews with Clarence and several surviving German and American tank crews have resulted in a no holds barred chronicle, at times visceral and brutal (notably when discussing the consequences of tank versus tank warfare) interspersed with moments of human compassion. While there are many poignant elements, notable when describing the death or injury of fellow tankers, arguably the strongest is a reunion between Clarence and Panzer IV gunner Gustav Schaefer in 2013. The author has obtained use of archival and personal photos to augment the text, providing further insight into the lives of those fighting in Germany during spring 1945. Further details are available from: