Atlantic Models produces Airfix ship kit upgrades

Maritime kit and aftermarket specialist Atlantic Models has recently added to its range of 1/600 scale photo-etched brass accessories designed to upgrade and correct Airfix’s ship kits.

Atlantic Models 1/600 Ship Upgrades

While the focus is primarily on warships, with five of the six latest sets designed for World War Two and Cold War subjects, the firm’s Merchant Ship and Ocean Liner Railings and Ladders (ATEM 60014, £11.95) is intended for any of Airfix’s seven civilian vessel releases. This supplies a mix of standard 4-and 5-bar railings plus 2-bar platform edging, along with inclined and vertical ladders. Various handrails complete this comprehensive pack.

Turning to the warship extras, the first product (ATEM 60015, £12.50) will transform Airfix’s ageing HMS Suffolk, providing all the usual railings, doors, hatches and ladders, in addition to a new aircraft catapult and hangar, plus cranes, shelter deck, anti-aircraft guns (also available separately as ATEM 60018, £8.95) and bridge fittings.

Atlantic Models 1/600 Ship Upgrades

Arguably the most impressive package is intended for HMS Victorious: one set (ATEM 60016, £20.75) is designed to upgrade the ship itself (everything from yardarm rails and cranes to landing platforms and deck W/T antennas), while the second (ATEM 60017, £8.40) is devoted to its air arm of Scimitars, Sea Vixens, Skyraiders and Wessexes. Bonus features include deck tugs, a salvage crane and a deployed crash barrier – this last item would be ideal for a diorama.

Atlantic’s newest addition is for the recently re-released HMS Belfast (ATEM 60019, £16.95) and is possibly the firm’s best offering to date, providing for the kit in its 1942-1944 configuration and post-1950s refit, with a new lattice mainmast and foremast for the latter (note, additional changes will be needed to the armament and superstructure). Regardless, this is a comprehensive upgrade, with everything from anti-aircraft 2-pdr pom-poms and 20mm Oerlikons to anchor chains and a complete replacement aircraft crane, plus a full complement of railings and ladders.

Atlantic Models 1/600 Ship Upgrades

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