Bachmann Autumn announcements

Bachmann Autumn announcements

Bachmann has announced new products across its Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish and Scenecraft ranges in both 'N' and 'OO' gauges. Followed by the launching of its new brand EFE Rail in its Autumn announcement 2020.

With new additions confirmed to be delivered within the next three months alongside the new EFE Rail range, Autumn is looking busy for the Barwell manufacturer. In total Bachmann has said that more than 60 new items are due for release this Autumn. 

Bachmann Europe has launched its all-new brand 'EFE Rail' which will lead with a new motorised version of the EFE 1:76 scale 'OO' London Underground Tube Train. Bachmann Europe Communications Manager Richard Proudman said "With a rich heritage in supporting traditional model and hobby shops, the launch of EFE Rail further reinforces our commitment to Bachamnn stockists in giving them access to many numerous 'OO' and 'N' scale locomotives and wagons which have been produced in collaboration with third parties."

The full list of new arrivals from Bachamnn for Autumn 2020 is detailed below. 

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Class 40 Centre Headcode D365 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) 32-485
Class 40 Centre Headcode D365 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) 32-485SF
BR VBA Van BR Bauxite (TOPS) 38-127
BR VBA Van BR Railfreight Red & Grey 38-128
BR VDA Van BR Freight Brown (Railfreight) 38-148
Class 66/0 66117 DB Cargo 32-734B
Class 66/0 66117 DB Cargo 32-734BSF
Class 66/7 66779 ‘Evening Star’ GBRf Brunswick Green 32-983SF
LMS 10000 BR Black (Early Emblem) 31-999
MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1273 Midland Railway Crimson Lake 31-740SF
MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1303 LMS Black (Original) 31-741SF
MR 1532 (1P) Tank 58072 BR Lined Black (Early Emblem) 31-742SF
BR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite Corridor BR InterCity Charter (Executive) 374-088
BR Mk1 TSO 2-Coach Pack BR West Highland Line Green & Cream 374-994
Stone Engine Shed with Tank 'N' 42-0002
Wooden Engine Shed 'N' 42-0029
Round Bolier House Chimney 'N' 42-0063
Industrial Gate House 'N' 42-0086
Industrial Yard Office 'N' 42-0087
Industrial Store and Canopy 'N' 42-0088
Telecommunications Cabin 'N' 42-0109
Lifting Jacks (x4) 'N' 42-042
Roadside Rescue Phone Boxes 'N' 42-585
Quayside Walls 'OO'  44-568

London Underground 1938 Tube Stock, 4-Car Motorised Train
- 1960s Northern Line Set
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-007-0 Imerys Blue E87000
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-008-8 Imerys Blue E87001
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-009-6 Imerys Blue [W - light] E87002
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-010-4 Imerys Blue [W - light] E87003
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-011-2 Imerys Blue [W - heavy] E87004
JIA Nacco Wagon 33-70-0894-012-0 Imerys Blue [W - heavy] E87005
J94 Saddle Tank 68075 BR Black (Late Crest) [W] E85001
J94 Saddle Tank 68043 BR Black (Early Emblem) E85002
J94 Saddle Tank No. 19 NCB Blue & Yellow E85003
J94 Saddle Tank ‘Amazon’ National Coal Board Green [W] E85004
J94 Saddle Tank 195 Longmoor Military Railway Lined Blue E85005
J94 Saddle Tank Army 92 ‘Waggoner’ Army Green E85006
Class 35 ‘Hymek’ D7005 BR Two-Tone Green E84001
Class 35 ‘Hymek’ D7021 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) [W] E84002
Class 35 ‘Hymek’ 7016 BR Blue Full Yellow End With Data Panel E84003
Class 35 ‘Hymek’ D7056 BR Blue (Yellow Panels & White Cab Windows) [W] E84004
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11601 ECC International White E87010
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11603 ECC International White E87011
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11606 ECC International White E87012
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11610 ECC International White E87013
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11627 ECC International White [W] E87014
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11612 ECC International White [W] E87015
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11616 ECC International White [W] E87016
PBA Tiger Wagon TRL 11620 ECC International White [W] E87017
Class 17 D8585 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) 'N' E84501
Class 17 D8594 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) 'N' E84502
Class 17 D8560 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) 'N' E84503
Class 17 8601 BR Green (Full Yellow Ends) 'N' E84504
Class 17 8512 BR Blue 'N' E84505
Class 17 D8523 BR Blue 'N' E84506
Class 17 Ribble Cement White & Green 'N' E84507
Class 17 D8511 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) [W] 'N' E84508
Class 17 D8600 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels) [W] 'N' E84509
Class 17 D8606 BR Blue [W] 'N' E84510
Class 17 D8507 BR Blue [W] 'N' E84511
14T ‘Mermaid’ Side Tipping Ballast Wagon BR Departmental Black 'N' E87512
14T ‘Mermaid’ Side Tipping Ballast Wagon BR Departmental Olive Green 'N' E87513
14T ‘Mermaid’ Side Tipping Ballast Wagon BR Engineers Grey & Yellow 'N' E87514
14T ‘Mermaid’ Side Tipping Ballast Wagon BR Departmental Gulf Red 'N' E87515