Bachmann reveals new ‘Palvan’ for ‘OO’

Bachmann has revealed it is developing a selection of newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge BR 12ton ‘Palvan’ pallet vans.


With an increase in palletised goods by the early-1950s, British Railways experimented with some existing former Great Western Railway and London Midland & Scottish Railway van designs to modify the doors to accommodate the necessary increased openings, before deciding on its own Diagram 1/211 design in 1954. 


Subsequently around 2,400 vehicles were constructed, featuring a door on the left hand side that provided an 8ft 6in opening, as opposed to the standard 5ft offered by existing vans. This enabled pallets to be loaded from either side of the van. These distinctive vehicles’ bodies were built from plywood with bracing and bracketry on 10ft wheelbase chassis that added to their characteristic appearance.  


Development of Bachmann’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR 12ton ‘Palvans’ is at an advanced stage with First Engineering Prototype (EP) samples received recently for evaluation.

The extensive tooling suite will enable a wide selection of variants to be produced, allowing for Morton brakes and later eight shoe clasp brakes, oil axle boxes, roller bearings axle boxes, buffer differences (spindle, self-contained or OLEO), alternative wheel types (three hole, spoked and split-spoke), as well as options for advertising boards fitted to some vans.kmw_bach_palvan_OO_4

The specification also includes a wealth of separately applied parts including handrails, door hold open brackets, chalk boards on each side and end, lamp brackets, vacuum pipe brackets and coupling hooks. A full complement of brake gear will also appear on the chassis including optional brake pulls and safety loops where appropriate.


Liveries, prices and availability will be revealed during the company’s next British Railway Announcements in early May.

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