Bachmann reveals winter 2020 announcements

Bachmann reveals winter
2020 announcements

Bachmann has revealed its Winter 2020 British Railway Announcements today, November 3, offering a new collection of 'OO' and 'N' gauge models across its Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish, EFE Rail and Scenecraft collections.

NEW PRODUCTS are in bound from Bachmann's brands this winter with the addition of new sound fitted locomotives in 'OO' and 'N' gauge, brand-new tooling for 'N' gauge with EFE Rail and a line up of new liveries for existing products in its ranges.

Bachmann Winter 2020

Above: Three new versions of the LBSCR 'Atlantic' are coming this winter from Bachmann for 'OO'.

The Winter 2020 announcements for EFE Rail include an all-new 'N' gauge model of the BR 'Shark' ballast plough for release in BR black, bauxite, olive green and 'Dutch' liveries plus the JIA bogie china clay wagon for 'N' gauge in pristine, lightly weathered and heavily weathered conditions. Both will feature turned metal wheels, Rapido coupling in NEM pockets, separately fitted parts where possible and authentic liveries.


Above: New for 'N' gauge in EFE Rail is the 'Shark' ballast plough.


Above: Also new for 'N' with EFE Rail is the JIA china clay bogie wagon.

All new for 'N' gauge is a collection of sound-fitted Class 31s from Graham Farish covering BR green, blue, RTC, Railfreight and Network Rail liveries. Priced at £264.95 per model, the new sound-fitted versions are due for release in December alongside the arrival of the refurbished Class 31s for 'N' gauge. 

Class 31

Above: Graham Farish's Class 31s will be available with factory fitted sound this winter.

In 'OO' gauge highlights include the addition of sound-fitted versions of the GWR '94XX' 0-6-0PT (due for release this winter) together with factory sound-equipped Class 117 DMUs in the same colour schemes as the first batch released earlier in 2020 (HM158). These will be joined by new versions of the Brighton 'H1' and 'H2' 4-4-2s in LBSCR umber, SR Malachite and BR lined black liveries (with and without sound), two new Class 57s, the return of the Class 108 DMU in BR green with speed whiskers, a SR 25ton brake van and a Mk 1 GUV in BR InterCity livery with Motorail branding.

Class 57

Above: The Class 57 is making a return in 'OO' in DRS and WCRC colours.

Class 108

Above: The Class 108 is seeing a new release in BR green with speed whiskers for 'OO'.

The new EFE Rail brand is being bolstered with a collection of new 'OO' gauge products from the Heljan and Kernow Model Rail Centre portfolios including a quartet of Class 58s, three new versions of the ever-popular Beattie '0298' 2-4-0WT, LSWR 'Gate Stock' in SR and BR liveries plus four Cargowaggons in a range of colour schemes - all of which are due for release in November.

Class 58

Above: In 'OO' EFE Rail is releasing four new Class 58s to market from the Heljan tooling.

Beattie Well Tank

Above: The Beattie '0298' 2-4-0WT is making a welcome return this winter for 'OO'.

Gate stock

Above: KMRC's LSWR 'Gatestock' will be available nationwide through EFE Rail.

Completing the listing for Winter 2020 is a collection of buildings from Scenecraft for 'OO' and 'N' gauge. Highlights include a new collection of Lucston and Wigmore structures covering railway and town related buildings, a model of Wroxham signalbox plus new railway and town buildings for 'N' gauge too.

Wroxham Signalbox

Above: New to Bachmann's 'OO' Scenecraft range is this model of Wroxham signalbox.

Coaling tower

Above: In 'N' gauge the coaling tower is back with Scenecraft.

In addition there are two new limited editions exclusively for the Bachmann Collector Club. The first is a Pride of Britain Train Pack to raise £60,000 for NHS Charities Together which will feature Class 66/7 66731 Capt. Tom Moore in GB Railfreight's Thank You NHS livery and two Easy Model 1:72 scale aircraft - Hurricane LF363 and Spitfire MK356 - modelling the two aircraft which performed a flypast for Captain Tom on his 100th birthday.

Pride of Britain

Above: Bachmann is raising money for NHS Charities Together with a new Collector Club limited edition pack for 'OO' and 'N' featuring 66731 Capt' Tom Moore and two 1:72 scale aircraft.

Three packs will be available: one for 'N' gauge featuring the Graham Farish Class 66 model and the two aircraft (Cat No. 371-396K - £189.95), one for 'OO' gauge featuring the Bachmann Class 66 and the aircraft (32-980K - £199.95) and a sound-fitted version of the 'OO' gauge pack (32-980K - £279.95). Delivery is expected in early 2021 and the Pride of Britain Train Pack is only available to Bachmann Collector Club members.


Above: A new addition to the Collector Club special editions is Johnson '1P' 0-4-4T 54 in SDJR lined blue for 'OO'.

The second Collector Club limited edition to be announced uses the new Midland '1532' 0-4-4T as its basis to model 54 in Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway lined blue. 504 will be produced, including 150 sound-fitted versions, using the brand new tooling from Bachmann - see our first review in HM162, on sale from November 5. Prices are set at £149.95 for the DCC ready version and £249.95 for the sound model with delivery expected in December 2020.

Watch the Bachmann announcement video here and check out the full listings below of all the new items planned for release by Bachmann Europe this Winter.

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Bachmann Branchline new products, Winter 2020

Description Cat No. RRP
LBSCR 'H1' 4-4-2 2038 Portland Bill, SR Malachite green 31-911 £219.95
LBSCR 'H1' 4-4-2 2038 Portland Bill, SR Malachite green (sound-fitted) 31-911SF £309.95
LBSCR 'H2' 4-4-2 32425 Trevose Head, BR lined black, early crests 31-921A £219.95
LBSCR 'H2' 4-4-2 32425 Trevose Head, BR lined black, early crests (sound) 31-921ASF £309.95
LBSCR 'H2' 4-4-2 422, LBSCR umber 31-922 £229.95
LBSCR 'H2' 4-4-2 422, LBSCR umber (sound-fitted) 31-922SF £319.95
Class 57/0 57009, DRS Compass 32-754A £204.95
Class 57/0 57009, DRS Compass (sound-fitted) 32-754ASF £294.95
Class 57/3 57313, WCRC Maroon 32-765 £204.95
Class 57/3 57313, WCRC Maroon (sound-fitted) 32-765SF £294.95
Class 108 two-car DMU, BR green with speed whiskers 32-900C £239.95
GWR '94XX' 0-6-0PT 9402, GWR green (sound-fitted) 35-025SF £229.95
GWR '94XX' 0-6-0PT 9487, BR black with early crests (sound-fitted) 35-026SF £229.95
GWR '94XX' 0-6-0T 9479, BR black with late crests (sound-fitted) 35-027SF £229.95
Class 117 three-car DMU, BR green with speed whiskers (sound-fitted) 35-500SF £404.95
Class 117 three-car DMU, BR blue and grey (sound-fitted) 35-501SF £404.95
Class 117 three-car DMU, Network SouthEast (revised) 35-502SF £404.94
SR 25ton 'Pill Box' brake van, SR brown 38-400B £37.95
BR Mk 1 GUV van, BR InterCity with Motorail branding 39-276A £54.95

Graham Farish new products, Winter 2020

Description Cat No. RRP
Class 31 D5616, BR green, small yellow panels (sound-fitted) 371-111ASF £264.95
Class 31 31131, BR blue (sound-fitted) 371-112ASF £264.95
Class 31 97204, BR RTC (revised) (sound-fitted) 371-113SF £264.95
Class 31 (refurbished) 31154, BR Railfreight (sound-fitted) 371-135SF £264.95
Class 31 (refurbished) 31319, BR Railfreight Petroleum (sound-fitted) 371-136SF £264.95
Class 31 (refurbished) 31602, Network Rail yellow (sound fitted) 371-137SF £264.95

Bachmann Scenecraft new products, Winter 2020

Description/scale Cat No. RRP
Thatched cottage - 'N' 42-0019 £27.95
Coaling tower - 'N' 42-070 £119.95
Yard crane - 'N' 42-146 £21.95
Low relief gasometer - 'N' 42-211 £54.95
Low relief underground station - 'N' 42-221 £31.95
Low relief bank - 'N' 42-241 £21.95
Low relief barbers - 'N' 42-263 £24.95
Wroxham signalbox - 'OO' 44-0074Z £59.95
Lucston steam engine shed - 'OO' 44-0114 £95.95
Lucston goods shed - 'OO' 44-0116 £55.95
Lucston water crane - 'OO' 44-0117 £14.95
Lucston coaling stage - 'OO' 44-0118 £19.95
Low relief Lucston book shop - 'OO' 44-0121 24.95
Low relief Lucston Pullman Hotel - 'OO' 44-0122 £34.95
Low relief Lucston terrace house, white - 'OO' 44-0123 £24.95
Low relief Lucston sweet shop - 'OO' 44-0124 £23.95
Lucston cattle dock - 'OO' 44-0128 £29.95
Wigmore watermill - 'OO' 44-0131 £32.95
Wigmore barn - 'OO' 44-0133 £32.95
Wigmore provender store - 'OO' 44-0137 £46.95
Low relief Lucston terrace house, brick - 'OO' 44-0141 £28.95
Watermill race and gate - 'OO' 44-0142 £14.95
Lineside troughs and catchpits - 'OO' 44-0507 £10.95
Kingpost concrete retaining walls - 'OO' 44-0508 £12.95
Wood sleeper retaining walls - 'OO' 44-0509 £12.95
Platform ticket kiosk 44-0511 £15.95
Brick coal bunker 44-0512 £8.95

EFE Rail new products, Winter 2020

Description Cat No. RRP
Class 58 58011, BR Railfreight red stripe, faded - 'OO' E84005 £184.95
Class 58 58018 High Marnham Power Station, Railfreight coal sector - 'OO' E84006 £174.95
Class 58 58021 Hither Green Depot, Mainline blue - 'OO' E84007 £174.95
Class 58 58039, EWS maroon and gold, weathered - 'OO' E84008 £184.95
Beattie '0298' 2-4-0WT 30586, BR black with late crests - 'OO' E85010 £139.95
Beattie '0298' 2-4-0WT 3298, SR black with Sunshine lettering - 'OO' E85011 £139.95
Beattie '0298' 2-4-0WT 3298, SR green - as preserved - 'OO' E85012 £139.95
LSWR 'Gate Stock' carriages, BR crimson - 'OO' E86001 £139.95
LSWR 'Gate Stock' carriages, SR Maunsell green - 'OO' E86002 £139.95
Cargowaggon van, Taunton Cider - 'OO' E87006 £49.95
Cargowaggon van, Danzas, weathered - 'OO' E87007 £59.95
Cargowaggon van, Blue Circle Cement - 'OO' E87008 £49.95
Cargowaggon van, silver and blue unbranded, weathered - 'OO' E87009 £59.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-007-0, Imerys blue - 'N' E87500 £43.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-008-8, Imerys blue - 'N' E87501 £43.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-020-3, Imerys blue - 'N' E87502 £43.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-000-5, Imerys blue - 'N' E87503 £43.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-001-3, Imerys blue - 'N' (light weathering) E87504 £46.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-002-3, Imerys blue - 'N' (light weathering) E87505 £46.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-009-6, Imerys blue - 'N' (light weathering) E87506 £46.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-010-4, Imerys blue - 'N' (light weathering) E87507 £46.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-011-2, Imerys blue - 'N' (heavy weathering) E87508 £48.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-012-0, Imerys blue - 'N' (heavy weathering) E87509 £48.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-003-9, Imerys blue - 'N' (heavy weathering) E87510 £48.95
JIA Nacco wagon 33-70-0894-004-7, Imerys blue - 'N' (heavy weathering) E87511 £48.95
BR 'Shark' ballast plough, BR bauxite E87516 £36.95
BR 'Shark' ballast plough, BR black E87517 £36.95
BR 'Shark' ballast plough, BR 'Dutch' grey and yellow E87518 £36.95
BR 'Shark' ballast plough, BR olive green E87519 £36.95