US aftermarket wizard Barracuda Studios has recently released many improvement sets aimed predominantly at famous World War Two fighters, across the four major scales.


Quality has always been the watchword for the items produced by Roy Sutherland’s established brand Barracuda. Recent items have been created for classic types such as the Bf 109, Spitfire, Hurricane and Fw 190, among others. Beginning with 1/24 scale, they include:

BR24425 Hawker Hurricane 4 Slot Mainwheels (Above)
Here are accurate resin wheels featuring super-detailed hubs and tyres with raised beading, tyre and logo data. They will fit any 1/24 Hurricane kit.

BR24450 Spitfire Mk.I-Mk.IX Covered Mainwheels
These are designed to fit 1/24 Spitfire kits produced by Trumpeter and Airfix, and emulate the covered five-slot hubs.

In 1/32, we have…

BR32319 Spitfire 4 Slot Block Tread Mainwheels
This set offers mainwheels suitable for post-war Spitfires, along with the Seafire 15/17/45/46, as well as warbird airframes.

BR32329 P-40B/C Mainwheels with Smooth Tire
Super-detailed wheels as fitted to the P-36A, Hawk 81A, P-40B/C and RAF Tomahawk. They replace the Trumpeter kit vinyl versions.


Above: BR32329

BR32357 Fw 190A-1 Thru A-4 Mainwheels
Designed to fit all A-1 to A5, as well as early A-6 airframes, these exquisite wheels feature ribbed tyres, have six-holed hubs and provide detailed tyre logos and data.

BR32394 Ta 152 Mainwheels – Smooth Tire
For the 1/32 kits by Zoukei-Mura and Pacific Coast Models. Just add your own brake lines from fine wire.

BR32436 Bf 109E/F Mainwheels with Ribbed Tires
Stunning in their execution, these wheels can enliven any 1/32 Bf 109E/F kit, regardless of manufacturer.

BR32448 Bf 109F/G Separate Control Surfaces
Contains new resin ailerons, elevators and standard rudder, with accurately thin trailing edges, and more subtle fabric rib tape detail. Designed for Revell Bf 109G (but may fit others).


Above: BR32448

BR32460 Spitfire Mk.IX Early (Small) Carb Intake
Here is a new resin lower engine cowling with an accurate, detailed early style carburettor intake, to improve on the simplified Revell Spitfire Mk.IX parts.


Above: BR32460

BR32470 Bf 109G Standard Tailwheel With Boot
The tailwheel on Revell’s kit is uncovered, but this superb replacement features a convincing leather ‘boot’.

BR32471 Bf 109F/G/K Aileron Mass Balances
Three sets of resin balances to replace lost or broken kit parts. Suitable for any 1/32 kit.

BC32365 Bf 109G-2 Thru G-14 Cockpit Stencils and Placards
Supplied here is a splendid resin instrument panel and two sheets of waterslide dials and placards.

Modellers who favour 1/48 scale can choose from…

BR48368 Bf 109G-6 Stabs with Separate Elevators
This set offers new resin horizontal stabilisers with individual elevators. Designed for the Tamiya kit.


Above: BR48368

BR48388 Bf 109G Wheels – Ribbed Hub, Smooth Tire
As fitted to the Bf 109G-5 through to the G-14, for Eduard, Tamiya, Hasegawa and other kits.

BR48389 Bf 109G Wheels – Plain Hub, Ribbed Tire
Designed to fit all of the above-mentioned kits.


Above: BR48389

BR48395 Ta 152H Mainwheels – Smooth Tire
Detailed hub and authentic logos/data are features of these items, suitable for Zoukei-Mura and Trimaster kits.

BR48459 Fw 190A,F,D Blown (late) Sliding Hood
An accurately shaped, distortion-free, vacform canopy to replace the kit part in all Eduard Fw 190s (but can work with other maker’s kits too).

…and for modellers who favour 1/72 scale there are the following:

BR72316 Spitfire Four Slot Mainwheels
Two detailed four-slot mainwheels with accurate hub detailed, refined tyre beading and data. For Mk.VII through to Mk.21, and some Seafires.


Above: BR72316

BR72324 B-1B Lancer Canopy Masks Set
Designed to fit the Monogram kit, these pre-cut, self-adhesive masks include canopy seals and the later flush DAS fairing masks.

All these items and more are available from Barracuda Studios direct at and in the UK, via Hannants: