blueRailways announces new DC wireless controller

blueRailways has unveiled its new Model 603 DC wireless controller/receiver, which joins the already existing family of analogue wireless controllers.

Intended for modellers who operate layouts on analogue direct current (DC) control, it can be used conventionally via a track connection or, when paired with the 720 wireless controller or a smart device using the blueRailways application, wirelessly. Up two Model 603s can be connected to the 720 controller and four can be connected to the mobile application. 

The new 603 can be combined with the 720 for increased functionality.

Replacing the Model 602, the 603 incorporates a 1Amp output with short circuit protection and a wireless range of 50metres. The controller also has the capacity to program track output using configuration variable settings like a Digital Command Control (DCC) controller is able to. Start Value, Start Boost, acceleration, deceleration and maximum speed can all be altered on the 603 controller via the blueRailways app.

The Model 603 controller/receiver is available from blueRailways’ website priced at £49.50. A bundle containing a 603 controller/receiver and 720 wireless controller is also available for £94.50. 

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