'Cartic 4' next for Revolutio'N'

'Cartic 4' next for Revolutio'N'

Revolution Trains has unveiled plans to produce British Rail's (BR) iconic Cartic 4 as its next 'N' gauge project.


Designed jointly between BR and the Ford Motor Company in 1964, these articulated double-deck wagons were arranged in semi-permanently coupled four-vehicle sets. More than 500 sets were built, first entering revenue service in 1966 on both new car operations and BR's Motorail services. At 200ft long, each four-car set could carry up to 30 cars. 


While initially open to the elements, side screens and roofs were later added to some examples in the early 1980s to better protect new car deliveries from getting damaged in transit. The last examples were withdrawn from service in the mid-2000s.


Revolution Trains' new 'N' gauge models will reflect operations through the decades and appear in BR blue with Motorail branding, MAT blue, Silcock and Collings brick red, Silcock and Collings brick red with side screens, Silcock and Collings brick red with side screens and roofs, MAT blue with 'Expamet' side screens and STVA pale grey with 'Expamet' side screens. Individual running numbers have yet to be confirmed.


Design work is currently underway with CAD drawings in progress. Once complete, the pre-order book will open with 'earlybird' prices offered for a short period. Prices and a delivery date have yet to be confirmed.


Visit www.revolutiontrains.com for more information.