Cavalex expands 'BBA' plans

Cavalex expands 'BBA' plans 

Cavalex Models has confirmed a second run of its 'OO' gauge 'BBA' bogie steel carriers will follow later this year. Previous examples of the company's BBA and BLA steel wagons sold through quickly on arrival in the UK last year.


This next batch of 'OO' gauge BBA wagons will include examples in BR bauxite, Railfreight red and black, EWS maroon and plain brown. In addition, the BLA bogie steel coil wagon will be produced in BR Railfreight red and black, EWS maroon and plain brown. Running numbers have yet to be confirmed.


Allied to this, the common BBA chassis tooling will also enable Cavalex Models to develop further variants of this wagon for 2022 release including covered BIA, BWA and BXA examples, while BZA conversions with steel coil cradles are also planned.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but the next batch of BBA/BLA wagons are anticipated for delivery during July/August.

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