Cavalex reveals new selection of ‘OO' BBA/BLAs

Cavalex reveals new selection of ‘OO' BBA/BLAs


Cavalex Models has revealed the identities of its next selection of ‘OO’ gauge BBA/BLA 50ft bogie steel carriers, with more than 20 different models planned.

First released last year, liveries include re-runs and all-new colour schemes for the wagons, some of which will appear as retailer exclusives for KMS Railtec and Rails of Sheffield (see table). As well as single wagons, Rails of Sheffield has also commissioned a pair of BR Railfreight Metals branded BBAs in an exclusive twin-wagon pack. Standard models will be available from Cavalex Models stockists including John Dutfield Model Railways, KMS Railtec, Rails of Sheffield, Rainbow Railways and Trains4U.

Prices range from £45 for standard single wagons, rising to £95 for the Rails of Sheffield exclusive twin-wagon pack. Delivery is anticipated during the third quarter of this year.

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Type Identity Livery
BBA 910100 Bauxite
BBA 910191 Bauxite
BBA 910202 Bauxite
BBA  910236  Bauxite**
BBA 910034 BR Railfreight
BBA 910046 BR Railfreight**
BBA 910089 BR Railfreight*
BBA 910340 BR Railfreight
BBA 910386 BR Railfreight
BLA 910009 BR Railfreight
BLA 910228  BR Railfreight
BLA 910294  BR Railfreight**
BLA  910481 BR Railfreight
BBA 910057 Plain brown**
BBA 910231 Plain brown
BBA  910344 Plain brown
BLA 910025 Plain brown**
BLA 910217 Plain brown
BLA 910314 Plain brown
BBA 910330  EWS livery*
BLA 910052  EWS livery*
BBA 910265 BR Railfreight Metals^
BBA  910333 BR Railfreight Metals^


*    KMS Railtec exclusive

**  Rails of Sheffield exclusive

^    Rails of Sheffield exclusive twin-pack