CIE corrugated open wagons for IRM in 'OO'

Irish Railway Models (IRM) has announced plans for a collection of Irish outline ‘OO’ gauge wagons based around the triangulated chassis designed by Oliver Bulleid.


First to appear will be a selection of CIE corrugated open wagons, which were built in the 1950s and 1960s at Inchicore Works. They carried a wide variety of loads, including sugar beet, with the final examples withdrawn in the 1980s.


IRM’s extensive 'OO' gauge tooling suite will enable the manufacturer to produce a series of wagons based around the distinctive triangulated chassis over time, starting with the corrugated open wagons. The tooling for these will incorporate the distinctive interior ribbing, a die-cast floor for added weight and separately applied brake gear, underframe equipment, door bangers and sprung buffers. Brass bearing cups will also be fitted.


Currently well advanced, with Engineering Prototype samples already under assessment, the new models will be offered in triple-wagon packs in a variety of liveries carried by the prototypes through the years, including whilst on sugar beet traffic and departmental duties.

Priced at €89.95 per pack, delivery is expected during the third quarter of 2024.

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