Colour for air-piped brake vans

Colour for air-piped brake vans 


Dapol has received decorated samples of its next batch of ‘O’ gauge BR 20ton brake vans, which are set to represent vehicles in later life.

Amongst the first to arrive for evaluation are air-braked CAR B954768 in BR bauxite and yellow (Cat No. 7F-200-012), CAR B954561 in BR Railfreight red and grey (7F-200-015) and ZTO DB951767 in engineers’ ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow (7F-200-014). Further earlier examples in BR grey and BR bauxite are also planned.


Representing Diagram 1/506 and 1/507 brake vans, these latest models will feature upgrades to the tooling including air-brake piping and roller-bearing axle boxes (as appropriate), together with sprung metal Oleo buffers.


As with Dapol’s previous ‘O’ gauge BR 20ton brake vans, each also features a compensated diecast chassis, sprung metal couplings, pin-point brass bearings and die-cast wheels with steel tyres.


Priced at £84 each, release is expected in early 2022.

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