Colour for 'O' gauge Wickhams


Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has received decorated samples of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge Wickham trolleys and trailers.

These diminutive vehicles were built at Wickham’s base in Hertfordshire and used by permanent way teams for line inspections and as personnel carriers.


ECT is producing seven different colour schemes for its all-new ‘O’ gauge Wickham trolleys and trailers with a selection of fully finished and/or unnumbered examples in BR maroon (Cat No. E1016), BR Southern Region green (E1017), BR yellow (E1018), engineers’ yellow (E1019), chocolate and cream (E1020Z), BR maroon with white roof (E1021Z) and black with wasp stripes (E1022Z).


Available Digital Command Control (DCC) ready and DCC sound-fitted, the specification includes a detailed body and interior, die-cast chassis and trailer, finescale wheels, directional lighting and stay-alive capability for DCC ready and sound-fitted models.


Each trolley will be supplied with a similarly decorated trailer, while extra planked trailers are also being produced separately in BR maroon (E3021), BR (SR) green (E3022), BR yellow (E3023), engineers’ yellow (E3024) and plain black (E3025). A plain black flat-bed trailer (E3031) is also being produced.


Development continues on these small complex models with further work currently being focused on the electronics and circuitry. Final alterations to the onboard PCBs have been submitted to the factory with delivery now anticipated during the first quarter of 2023.


The company has also been able to reduce the price of the new trolleys and trailers with DCC ready examples now priced at £150 while DCC sound-fitted models are priced £280. Prices for the planked trailers are now set at £30, while the flat-bed version is priced £28.


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