Colour for Foster Yeoman ‘N’ O&K hoppers


Dapol has received decorated samples of its new Foster Yeoman livery O&K hopper wagons in ’N’ gauge, with production models due to arrive soon.

The models will include many separately added details, modelled in inner and outer forms. The inner wagons are accurately modelled without buffers, while the outer wagons will feature a removable non-working lamp and buffers. NEM compatible dummy buckeye coupling bars are also included, together with standard ‘N’ gauge couplings.

They will feature a die-cast chassis, profiled wheels, fixed buffers on the outermost wagon end and to negotiate a minimum radius of 263.5mm curves, Kinematic style close-coupling mechanisms are fitted to both types.

The Foster Yeoman models include middle hoppers 19335, 19337 and 19349 in early livery and 19361, 19370 and 19398 in late livery, along with end hoppers 19303 and 19311 in early livery and 19306 and 19313 in late livery.

Prices are set at £39.95 each.

Visit Dapol for more information.