Colour for Hornby ‘TT:120’ HST

Decorated samples of Hornby’s newly-tooled ‘TT:120’ scale Class 43 InterCity High Speed Train power cars and BR Mk 3 trailers have been received for inspection.


The initial arrivals model Class 43 power cars 43103 John Wesley and 43194 in InterCity ‘Swallow’ livery (Cat No. TT3022M/TT3022TXSM), together with matching Mk 3 Trailer Standard and Trailer Guard Standard carriages. Further examples of the power cars are planned in original InterCity yellow, blue and grey (TT3021M/TT3021TXSM) and GWR (First Group) green (TT3023M/TT3023TXSM).

Each pair of power cars will be available in DCC ready or DCC sound-fitted formats featuring Hornby’s recently-introduced Bluetooth Triplex Sound (TXS) system. The specification includes a five-pole skew-wound motor, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder sockets and directional lighting.


Matching BR Mk 3 carriages are also planned, including eight InterCity ‘Swallow’ liveried examples with two Trailer Firsts (TT4029/A), a Trailer Restaurant First Buffet (TT4030), four Trailer Standards (TT4027/A/B/C) and a Trailer Guard Standard (TT4028).

Prices are set at £219.99 DCC ready and £329.99 DCC sound-fitted for the power cars and £37.49 each for the matching Mk 3 carriages. The InterCity ‘Swallow’ liveried power cars are expected to appear in late 2023/early 2024, while the Mk 3 carriages are due in mid-2024. Other liveries are expected in mid-2024.

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