Dapol 14T tanker production samples

Production samples of Dapol’s forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge 14T Air Ministry tank wagon have been revealed.

Built originally to carry aviation fuel, most of these wagons were constructed between 1939 and 1944. After the Second World War, some were equipped with heating coils to keep viscous fuels liquid and bottom discharge valves, designated Class B. By 1971 all Class A tank wagons had vanished from service, with the Class Bs following two years later.

Dapol is producing both Class A and B wagons. Both types of wagon are set to feature numerous separately fitted detailing items, separate ladders and platforms on certain examples, NEM coupling pockets, fine profile wheels and three-link chain couplings supplied in an accessory bag. Additionally as a claimed first for ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge, the wagons will feature a fully sprung chassis.

Class A tanker wagons are set to appear in silver in ESSO (Cat No: 4F-058-001), Shell (4F-058-002), Regent (4F-058-003) and Shell Motor Spirit (4F-058-004) colours. In addition a wagon in stone livery with Lobitos branding (4F-058-005) will be modelled.

Class B tanker wagons will be finished in black with two Shell–BP examples 5172 (4F-059-001) and 5133 (4F-059-003) and two Esso branded ones modelling 1869 (4F-059-002) and 1914 (4F-059-004). A further Class B in Berry Wiggins black (4F-059-005) will also be available.

Prices are set at £37.80 per wagon with delivery of all wagons anticipated by the end of May.

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