Dapol adds 14ton Anchor Mounted Tanks for 'O'

Dapol adds 14ton anchor
-mounted tanks for 'O'

Dapol has unveiled plans for all-new 'O' gauge 14ton anchor-mounted tank wagons. The central anchor-mounted design was developed in the mid-1940s and featured all-steel supporting saddles.

Dapol tanker

Dapol's new 'O' gauge models are currently at the tooling stage of the production process and will appear in Class A and Class B form and feature a detailed body and chassis with plenty of separately applied details including ladders, platforms and heating pipes (as appropriate), long or short fillers, sprung metal buffers, finely profiled metal wheels, sprung axles and more. Five of each wagon type are planned initially as:

  • British Petroleum Class A anchor-mounted tank (7F-062-001)
  • Fina (#155) Class A anchor-mounted tank (7F-062-002)
  • Benzole (#906) Class A anchor-mounted tank (7F-062-003)
  • National Benzole (#855) Class A anchor-mounted tank (7F-062-004)
  • Regent (#20) Class A anchor-mounted tank (7F-062-005)
  • National Benzole (#2009) Class B anchor-mounted tank (7F-063-001)
  • Fina (#168) Class B anchor-mounted tank (7F-063-002)
  • EGS (#244) Class B anchor-mounted tank (7F-063-003)
  • Gulf (#87) Class B anchor-mounted tank (7F-063-004)
  • Midland Tar Distillers (#881) Class B anchor-mounted tank (7F-063-005)

Dapol tanker

Priced at £55 each, delivery is anticipated during the third quarter of 2021.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.