Dapol adds new ‘O’ gauge box van trio


DAPOL IS adding three all-new 12ton box vans to its ‘O’ gauge portfolio, with first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples currently being evaluated by the company’s development team.

These newly-announced models include a Great Western Railway (GWR) 12ton Diagram Y8 Fruit Van, GWR Diagram V23/24/26 12ton vans and London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Diagram D1867 12ton vans.


The specification utilises Dapol’s 10ft wheelbase die-cast compensated chassis and each will incorporate sprung metal buffers, sprung metal coupling hook, Instanter or screw-link couplings, separately applied detailing, turned metal wheels and brass bearing pockets. They will be available unfitted and vacuum braked.


Models planned include GWR 12ton vans as 123254 in GW grey (7F-066-001), 123522 in GW grey (7F-066-002), 112788 in GW Parto grey (7F-066-003), W145580 in BR grey (7F-066-004) and W145570 in BR bauxite (7F-066-005), while the LMS 12ton van will appear as 505010 in LMS grey (7F-065-001), 510289 in LMS bauxite (7F-065-002) and M508580 in BR bauxite (7F-065-003). The GW Fruit Van A will be offered as 134149 in GW grey (7F-067-001) and B143313 in BR bauxite (7F-067-002).


Prices are set at £51.40 for the LMS vans and £51.50 for the GWR examples. Release is expected during the second half of 2022.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.