New ‘N’ gauge Class 143 and 144 ‘Pacers’ from Dapol

Dapol is to produce all-new ‘N’ gauge models of the Class 143 and 144 Diesel Multiple Units – more commonly known as ‘Pacers’.

Built in the 1980s, the ‘Pacer’ Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) were a low-cost way of easing rolling stock shortfalls, and four types were built – Classes 141-144. They outlived their intended lifespan with the last units withdrawn in 2021.

Dapol is producing an all new N gauge model of a Class 143 and 144 pacer.

Dapol’s all new ‘N’ gauge model reflects the Class 143 and 144 ‘Pacer’ units featuring bodies built by Walter Alexander and Company of Falkirk. The Class 143s exhibited improvements over its predecessors with better reliability and ride quality. The Class 144s featured a chassis built by British Rail Engineering Limited and were introduced from 1986. This class featured a different engine and hydraulic transmission and was formed in two or three-car sets.

The newly-tooled models are set to feature one powered and one dummy car, flush glazing, separately fitted detail where appropriate including handrails, wipers and exhaust pipes, detailed underframes, roof and front end detail differences, combined light clusters, radio pods, working Scharfenberg style couplings (compatible with other Dapol DMUs), close couplings with extendable corridor connections, all-wheel drive, directional lighting, internal lighting, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and more.

Dapol’s all-new ‘N' gauge Class 143 is set to appear as 143001 in BR Provincial light blue (Cat No: 2D-143-001), 143621 in First Great Western local lines blue (2D-143-002), 143620 in GWR dark green (2D-143-003), 143602 in Arriva dark blue with Transport for Wales graphics (2D-143-004) and 143609 in Arriva Trains Wales turquoise (2D-143-005).

Release plans for the Class 144s include 144011 in West Yorkshire PTE Metro red and cream (2D-144-001), 144013 in Regional Railways livery (2D-144-002) and 144004 in Northern dark blue and purple (2D-144-003)

Currently at the Engineering Prototype sample stage, release is currently anticipated for late 2025. Prices are set at £170 for DCC Ready models and £220 for DCC Fitted models.

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