Dapol ‘O’ 16ton mineral wagons set for return

Dapol ‘O’ 16ton mineral wagons set for return


Dapol has announced a new production run of its popular ‘O’ gauge BR 16ton mineral wagon.

Originally produced by Lionheart Trains, they have since been brought into the Dapol portfolio with the previous batches selling through. Features include a detailed bodyshell to model diagrams 1/108, 1/114, 1/099 and 1/109, a compensated chassis, three-link couplings with a sprung coupling hook, metal sprung buffers, finely profiled metal wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets.

Seven welded examples are planned as B74562 in early BR grey (Cat No. 7F-030-010), B119360 in BR grey (7F-030-011), B68948 in BR bauxite (7F-030-012), B165893 (COAL 16) in BR grey (7F-030-013), B562801 (COAL 16) in BR bauxite (7F-030014), B258683 (MCO) in BR grey (7F-030-015) and B576380 (MCV) in BR bauxite (7F-030-016). In addition, two rivetted versions will also be produced as B102351 in BR early grey (7F-030-053) and B153458 in BR grey (7F-030-054).

Prices are set at £48.60 each, with release anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.