Dapol announces ‘O’ gauge Conflat & Container wagons


DAPOL has confirmed details of its new ‘O’ gauge readyto- run model of the Great Western Railway (GWR) H7 Conflat wagon.

GWR and British Railways (BR) liveried Conflats are planned together with three container variants modelling the GWR BK2, BD2 and BR BD furniture and general purpose types. Six Conflats with containers will form the initial batch as GWR 39860 with Doorto- Door BD2 container B-2020 (Cat No. 7F-037-001), GWR 39612 with Door-to-Door BD2 container B-1788 (7F-037-002), GWR 39326 with BK2 Furniture Removal container BK-1829 (7F-037-003), BR B735200 with bauxite Doorto- Door BD container 46577B (7F- 037-004), BR B735364 with bauxite Door-to-Door container 47324B (7F-037-005) and BR B730819 with British Railways crimson BD container 7335B (7F-037-005). In addition, the Conflats will also be offered without containers as GWR 36692 (7F-037-100), GWR 36508 (7F-037-101), BR B735201 (7F-037- 102) and BR B735233 (7F-037-103).

The specification calls for a diecast chassis with compensation beam for smooth running, injection moulded body and detail parts, sprung metal buffers and sprung couplings together with vacuum and non-fitted underframe options. Having progressed to the artwork stage of the production process, Dapol is currently awaiting delivery of the tooling to its UK factory in Chirk where the models are due to be produced.

Prices are set at £44.95 for the Conflat and £64.95 with container, while a delivery date has yet to be confirmed.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.