Dapol ‘O’ ‘J94’ 0-6-0ST sample surfaces


Dapol’s newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge LNER ‘J94’ 0-6-0ST is progressing well with the latest engineering prototype currently being assessed by the company’s development team.

Expected to be released in the second quarter of 2023, the locomotives will be available in a wide variety of liveries including London and North Eastern Railway black, War Department black, Wemyss Private Railway lined brown, National Coal Board lined green, United Steel lined red, Mech Navvies red, Longmoor Military Railway lined blue, British Railways black and BR black with early and late crests.


Dapol’s new ‘O’ gauge Hunslet Austerity (LNER ’J94’) features die-cast chassis, footplate and coupling rods, die-cast driving wheels with turned metal plate tyres and a one piece die-cast saddle tank. It will also feature full cab detail with firebox glow and a removable cab roof giving access to the footplate, fully working inside motion, sprung buffers and three-link couplings and opening cab doors.


The specification includes a 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and is powered by a five-pole skew wound motor with plunger pick-ups from all six driving wheels. The centre driving wheels are also sprung to improve electrical pick-up.


Prices are set at £250 for DCC ready models, £285 DCC fitted and £380 DCC sound-fitted.

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