Dapol GWR Autocoach develops

Dapol has received a fully working Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its forthcoming all-new ‘OO’ gauge Great Western Railway (GWR) Autocoach for evaluation.


Built to Diagram N in 1907, six Autocoaches were built for use on branch lines in the West Country and Wales.

Dapol’s newly-tooled models will feature a removable roof, working interior illumination, metal handrails, grab handles, lamp irons, a wealth of separately fitted detailing and sprung buffers.


Seven 'OO' gauge models are planned for the first batch of releases, with livery artwork for each also now drawn up. Identities include Autocoach 37 in GWR lined crimson (Cat No. 4P-004-001), 40 in GWR lined chocolate and cream (4P-004-002), 41 in GWR Twin Cities crest chocolate and cream (4P-004-003), 39 in GWR shirt button chocolate and cream ( 4P-004-004), W37W in BR carmine and cream (4P-004-005), W36 in BR crimson (4P-004-006) and W38 in BR maroon (4P-004-007).


Following evaluation of the model and artworks, any necessary tweaks will be carried out before progressing to the next stage.

Prices are set at £80 for Digital Command Control (DCC) ready, £115 for DCC fitted and £195 for DCC sound-fitted models. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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