Dapol ‘OO’ GWR Toplight coaches in production

Dapol has received decorated production samples of its forthcoming newly-tooled 'OO’ gauge Great Western Railway (GWR) Toplight Mainline City carriages.


Half-a-dozen steel-bodied six-coach sets were built in 1920 for use on through services to Aldgate and Liverpool Street in the City of London on the restricted gauge Metropolitan Underground system. They initially worked commuter services from Reading and Windsor, but in later life examples migrated further across GWR territory. They had all been withdrawn from BR service by late 1957.

Dapol’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge carriages are being produced in two batches, with sufficient Brake Third, All Third/Second and Composite vehicles being produced to complete authentic six-car sets. All vehicles will be available singly.


The initial three sets being modelled include Set 1 in GWR lined crimson (Brake Thirds 3747/3748, All Thirds 3901/3902 and Composites 7901/7902), Set 3 in GWR Twin City lined chocolate and cream (Brake Thirds 3751/3752, All Thirds 3905/3906 and Composites 7905/7906) and Set 6 in BR maroon (Brake Thirds W3757W/W3758W, Seconds W3911W/W3912W and Composites W7911W/W7912W). 


The specification includes a highly detailed die-cast chassis, bolection window mouldings, frosted toplight windows, separately fitted metal door and commode handles, wire end rails, individually applied end communication details, 9ft bogie bolsters with die-cast side frames and split-axles for electrical pick-up and a six-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket. Inside, the detailing includes first class seating with armrests, third class seating without and separately fitted luggage racks. The models are also set to feature interior lighting and a directional tail lamp.

Priced at £64.80 each, release is currently expected during November.

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