Dapol plans second run of 'OO' gauge '43XX'

Dapol plans second run of ‘OO’ gauge ‘43XX’


Dapol is to undertake a second production run of the Great Western Railway Churchward ‘43XX’ 2-6-0 in ‘OO’ gauge – with an expanded tooling suite to allow further variations of these popular locomotives to be covered.


As with the first batch, the model incorporates die-cast compensated chassis, but now allows variations including ‘porthole’ cab windows above the firebox, straight chimneys, original front pony truck spring housing, longer middle right-hand splasher and smooth-sided tender. There are also options for Churchward tapered and Collett straight shank buffers and a new motion bracket and boiler support.


Gearing has been adjusted to a 30:1 ratio for better slow speed running and a more accurate top speed, while there are improved slide bars and crossheads, and an upgraded firebox glow, which will appear in forthcoming models such as the ‘Manor’ 4-6-0.


The pony truck is sprung and operates on a cam, allowing the model to negotiate second radius curves. Digital Command Control provision is tool-free with Next18 socket, with provision made for installation of a cube speaker.


It will cost £167.95 DCC Ready, £197.95 DCC Fitted  and £277.95 DCC Sound fitted, the latter available exclusively through pre-order at https://www.dapol.co.uk/shop/preorder/OO-Gauge-Preorder/78xx-4-6-0-Manor-Sound-Fitted

       Dapol second batch ‘43XX’ running numbers and liveries

       Catalogue No. Locomotive

·       4S-043-008     5322, Khaki

·       4S-043-009     4321, GWR with crest

·       4S-043-010     5350, GWR without crest

·       4S-043-011     4377, GWR ‘shirtbutton’

·       4S-043-012     5320, GWR without crest

·       4S-043-013     5370, BR lined black, early crest

·       4S-043-014     5377, BR black, early crest

·       4S-043-015     4358, BR lined green, early crest