Dapol recalls motorised water towers

Dapol recalls motorised water towers

Dapol is recalling its new batch of motorised 'OO' gauge water towers following discovery of a substandard component which can lead to the models failure. The recall affects products 4A-002-002, 4A-002-004, 4A-002-006 and 4A-002-008, covering both conical and flat top designs.

Dapol water tower

In a statement on May 13, Dapol said: "Dapol undertakes stringent testing on all of its products and only grants permission to go into production when we are confident that a product meets the very highest quality and safety standards.

"Subsequent to these approvals we have discovered that a substandard component has been used during production of our operating water tower. Under certain circumstances, this component has been shown to fail when used with a 15vAC power supply.

"Therefore, we are issuing a product recall for these items and request that you contact your place of purchase to arrange a return and refund for this item. Replacement product with correctly specified components will become available in due course."

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for further information.