Dapol reveals Class 323 EMU plans

Dapol has announced plans to produce a newly-tooled BR Class 323 25kV AC three-car Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) for ‘OO’ gauge.


Built between 1992 and 1995 by Hunslet Transportation Projects and Holec for use on British Rail’s Provincial Sector electrified routes in the Midlands and North West, 43 three-car units were constructed. Still in traffic today, 26 units are in operation with West Midlands Railways and 17 with Northern Trains.


Dapol’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge models will reflect original and refurbished conditions and feature a low-profile motor in the centre car driving all wheels, PluX22 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, 14-pin electrical connection between cars (requiring a single DCC decoder per three-car set), factory-fitted speaker in each driving car, DCC controllable lighting – including door opening lights for station stops, interior and cab illumination, switchable tail lights, working BSI couplings on front ends, original and refurbished internal layout in centre car, fully-decorated interiors (correct for each version), poseable dummy pantograph and bespoke DCC sound project.


Seven models are planned for the first batch of releases as 323203 in Regional Railways Centro colours (Cat No. 4D-323-001), 323227 in Regional Railways Greater Manchester PTE livery (4D-323-002), 323213 in London Midland livery (4D-323-003), 323238 in First North Western ‘Barbie’ with Northern branding (4D-323-004), 323241 in West Midlands Trains livery (4D-323-005), 323225 in new Northern white and blue (4D-323-006) and 323221 in Regional Railways Centro heritage repaint colours (4D-323-007).




Each model will reflect correct bodyside and headlight arrangements and will also be supplied with alternative destination labels.





Available DCC ready, DCC fitted and DCC sound-fitted, prices are set at £350, £385 and £470 respectively. Release is anticipated during the second quarter of 2025.

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